WWE Money In The Bank Live Results: Seth Rollins Wins With An Unlikely Assist

wwe money in the bank live results

Seth “Freakin” Rollins and Finn Balor had the biggest stage set to go head to head with 7-years of bad blood and the World Heavyweight Championship at stake. But in the end, Seth Rollins secured his championship with an unlikely and unknowing assist from the enemy side.

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Rollins began the match with utter confidence after London did a long Seth Rollins theme sing-along that infuriated Finn Balor even furthermore. Both main event stars kick-started the World title bout with their amazing moves inside the ring. Rollins and Finn Balor continued to throw missiles off their heavy artillery at each other in an attempt to put their opponent down for good measure.

wwe money in the bank live results

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Furthermore, Balor displayed even more aggression, targeting Seth Rollins’ injured ribs which also came at the hands of the Judgment Day leader. The fast-paced Word title bout saw multiple counterattacks, until Rollins hit the decisive Pedigree on Balor, but only scored a near fall.

Right after that, the newly crowned Mr. Money in the Bank Damien Priest came out to ringside and took a seat after an argument with Seth Rollins. This distraction gave Finn Balor the opening to strike and take out the champion. However, just as Balor was about to connect with the Coupe De Grace, Damien Priest marched towards him.

This altercation led to Rollins taking advantage and connecting with The Stomp to retain his World Heavyweight title in the process.

The Match Was 7 Years In The Making: WWE Money In The Bank Live Results

wwe money in the bank live results

Seth Rollins and Finn Balor had no shortage of history amongst each other. The top-class NXT graduates first met at WWE SummerSlam 2016 in a high-stakes match to crown the first-ever WWE Universal Champion. Despite Balor prevailing that night, Rollins cut his celebration short when a buckle bomb on the barricade during the match led to Balor suffering a major shoulder injury.

Finn Balor managed to win the match with one arm, only to relinquish the WWE Universal Title the next time with Seth Rollins laughing at him as he exited the arena. The emotions and heated past had encircled both men who delivered a highly exceptional bout in London.

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But there is no doubt that Damien Priest’s involvement led to his Judgment Day cohort, Finn Balor not winning the World Heavyweight title. However, Seth Rollins continued to celebrate his victory as Balor and Priest were left arguing.

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