WWE Money In The Bank Live Results: Jey Uso Does The Unthinkable, Pinning Roman Reigns to Win The Civil War

wwe money in the bank live results

The greatest WWE faction of the modern era, The Bloodline went to Civil War at London’s famous O2 Arena with Roman Reigns & his Enforcer Solo Sikoa taking on their brothers-turned enemies, The Usos. The Anoa’i family explosion in front of 18,000+ fans in London saw Jey Uso becoming the first man to pin Roman Reigns in three years to score the victory for his side.

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The match began with both sides of the Bloodline shying to throw punches at each other, with hesitation to strike clear on the faces of Usos and their brother on the other side, Solo Sikoa. Sensing the tension, Roman Reigns decided to enter the mix against his former Right-Hand man, Jey Uso.

wwe money in the bank live results

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Unlike the three Uso brothers, Reigns did not shy away from throwing punches, overpowering Jey in the process. Moreover, that motivated Solo Sikoa to finally unleash his mean streak on his own blood. While Roman Reigns was constantly berated by the London audience, that did not change the fact that Reigns and Sikoa dominated The Usos Penitentiary.

However, Jey Uso managed to shift the course of the Civil War toward the latter part of one of the greatest family bouts in WWE history. But Reigns had enough of knocking his former Right Hand Man with two massive Superman punches. Jimmy Uso stepped in and knocked Reigns with the help of Jey through a double spear, only to miss a near fall thanks to Solo Sikoa.

The Bloodline Civil War then saw Roman Reigns trapping Jimmy Uso into the guillotine who managed to survive the submission hold but knocked the referee out in the process. The One-3D move connected failed as there was no one to make the count. That gave enough time for Solo Sikoa to emerge back and help his Tribal Chief with a Spike-Spear combination and Roman Reigns smashed, and stacked both Usos on each other. But to the shock of everyone in the 02 Arena, The Usos miraculously kicked out.

wwe money in the bank live results

Moreover, Solo Sikoa was taken out of commission after missing a table spot and Jey once again survived a spear from Roman Reigns, kicking out at two that was a low blow in the process as well. That gave Usos the final blow to put on Roman Reigns, with Jey delivering a crossbody and pinned Roman Reigns, handing his first-ever pinfall loss in three years.

The Greatest Story Ever Told: WWE Money In The Bank Live Result

wwe money in the bank live results

Roman Reigns had a war coming to him ever since his success went to his head, claiming to single handily rise to the top of the food chain. But The Usos finally defied the horrific treatment by the Tribal Chief, beginning with Jimmy Uso knocking Roman’s lights off at WWE Night of Champions, followed by Jey Uso siding with his brother a few weeks later.

wwe money in the bank live results

While Solo Sikoa chose to stick with The Head of the Table, the weeks of build-up saw Usos trying to swerve him back to their side and leave the Island of Relevancy. Despite not being able to win his brother back, The Usos managed to put down Roman Reigns in London with Jey doing the unthinkable winning the Civil War for himself and his brother.

So it looks like the Invincibilty of Roman Reigns has finally come to an end.

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