WWE Night Of Champions Live Results: Roman Reigns’ Bloodline Crumbles As Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens Retain Their Titles

wwe night of champions live results

Roman Reigns 1000 days as the World Champion celebration at WWE Night of Champions proved to be a disaster for the Tribal Chief, who along with Solo Sikoa not only suffered a loss at the hands of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn but also saw his Bloodline finally come to pieces.

wwe night of champions live results

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The match began with the crowd favorite Sami Zayn getting in the ring with the Tribal Chief. This ended quickly as Solo Sikoa was tagged in to solve the Zayn problem. Following that, Kevin Owens was tagged to combat Sikoa with a trade of strikes. However, Roman Reigns did not pull from nasty sneak attacks that helped the Street Champion dominate Sami and KO inside the squared circle.

The Tribal Chief then tagged himself in to lay a wave of dominance on the same man who betrayed him and his Bloodline, Sami Zayn. Later on, Solo came back again to lay more pain on the former Honorary Uce. However, KO find himself tagged in and combated back and forth with Roman Reigns who was the legal man.

Kevin Owens also found an opportunity to stun Reigns, only for him to counter back with a spear of his own. Both managed to tag in their respective partners, and Sami and Solo went at it. As Zayn prepared to launch a Helluva Kick, Solo countered but Zayn again tried and connected with the Helluva kick. Sami went for the pin only for Roman Reigns to break the pinfall.

The next spot saw Sami evading a spear from Roman Reigns who knocked out the referee instead. This gave Zayn the opening to launch Reigns’ Superman punch on him, followed by Kevin Owens spearing the Head of the Table.

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All hell broke loose in the main event showdown, as Jimmy and Jey Uso appeared and attacked KO who was about to plant Roman Reigns on the table. However, as they went to beatdown Sami, they knocked out Solo Sikoa accidentally. This caused Roman Reigns to snap and strike The Usos. Jimmy Uso had enough and struck back at his cousin in frustration. He did not hold back and knocked out the Tribal Chief with a vicious superkick, berating him and exiting the scene.

The legal man, Solo Sikoa who was shocked at the betrayal, was struck by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, pinning him and retaining the tag team titles in the process.

The Usos Were The Ones To Protect Roman Reigns’ Title Reign :WWE Night Of Champions Live Results

wwe night of champions live results

Roman Reigns decided to take matters into his own hands after Jimmy and Jey Uso failed to recapture the Undisputed WWE tag team titles a few weeks ago. He turned to his Bloodline’s Enforcer, Solo Sikoa to team up and vanquish his two arch rivals, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn once and for all. Roman’s day came on the night he hit 1000 days as the undefeated, unconquered, and Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. However, it majorly came at the expense of his cousins looking out for him.

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But now, The Bloodline has crumbled and Roman Reigns no longer has his family to watch out his back. As for Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, the night ended in celebration as they are still the Undisputed WWE tag team champions.

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