WWE Night Of Champions Live Results: Brock Lesnar’s Fury Proves Too Much For Cody Rhodes

wwe night of champions live results

Cody Rhodes displayed the heart of a true fighter, walking into a match against the dangerous Brock Lesnar with one arm. But in the end, Lesnar’s fury proved too much for the injured Cody Rhodes who suffered a defeat at the hands of the former 10-time WWE champion.

wwe night of champions live results

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Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar went back and forth against each other. Added to the mix was Cody’s injured arm wrapped in a cast that came at the expense of Brock Lesnar a week before. Lesnar tried to establish dominance with his suplex city tour. But Cody used his disadvantage to his advantage.

The American Nightmare began using his cast as a weapon to dissect the Beast Incarnate, putting him down briefly with a duo of Cross Rhodes following that. However, as Cody went for the third one, he found his injured arm trapped in the dangerous Kimura lock for a long time. It looked at one point that he was going to pass out, but that did not happen and Rhodes broke out of the lock with the help of the ropes.

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Rhodes again took the opportunity and delivered a third Cross Rhodes with one functional arm, but Brock Lesnar managed to kick out. Following that, Cody Rhodes managed to kick out of Lesnar’s devastating F-5, to the disbelief of the Beast. This enraged the Beast to trap Rhodes in the Kimura Lock once again, with Cody passing out of the pain, and the victory being awarded to Lesnar.

Cody Rhodes Walked In With One Arm:WWE Night Of Champions Live Results

wwe night of champions live results

The rivalry between Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes began the night after WrestleMania 39. Lesnar laid a beatdown on Rhodes under the pretext of being his tag team partner on RAW that night. This led to a brutal encounter between Rhodes and Lesnar at WWE Backlash. The American Nightmare managed to pick up the win then over a bloodied Lesnar that night.

However, Brock did not take the embarrassment too kindly and challenged him to a rematch for Night of Champions. Moreover, Lesnar broke his arm on the RAW before the WWE pay-per-view, putting him at a massive disadvantage walking into the match.

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Despite the incredible heart shown, Lesnar managed to stand tall over a broken American Nightmare putting both at a 1-1 win, following this massive encounter.

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