The WFE events take place every month with a new theme inspired from many wrestling shows for both Online & On ground events.



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  • Wrestling Trivia matches – for WFE championships, No1 contender spots and various prizes
  • Promo matches – A verbal battle where fans impersonate wrestling stars or create their own character in a verbal showdown with the winner decided by the audience.
  • Special Guests – Appearances by Celebrities from the wrestling world and other fields.
  • Entertainment – Musical performances and short Dance breaks
  • Segments – Backstage and in ring interviews of fans before matches
  • Prizes – Top 3/6 players get prizes along with a virtual gift mail for all the participants


The WFE annual event considered to be our biggest and premier with fans from all over India, lots of musical entertainment, various special guests from wrestling and other fields. The first and second edition saw the introduction of the first ever World and Tag team titles for the fans of wrestling, WFE championship & WFE Tag team championship respectively. 

No of fans: 40


The grandest stage of the fans which kick-started the WFE PPV era format of event, producing a full fledged wrestling show consisting of Trivia Title and Promo matches, backstage segments, in ring interviews, music breaks and much more. The first edition saw the introduction of the second World championship of the fans, WFE Universe championship. This event is inspired by WWE’s premier show, Wrestlemania. 

No of fans: 25


The first ever online competitive event where the wrestling fans of India and USA battled for fan supremacy in an effort of union among fans of two countries. 

No of fans: 60

Battle Frontier

The first event to witness multiple title and No1 contender’s trivia matches for WFE Championships.

No of fans: 20

Civil War

The first ever brand vs brand event for the wrestling fans of India where the two WFE champions head their own brand of fans to compete for brand supremacy. This event is inspired by WWE’s PPV Survivor Series.

No of fans: 25

Draft Lottery

The event preceding Civil War where the WFE Champion and WFE Universe Champion draft their own brand, Heavyweight & Universe respectively to compete at Civil War.

No of fans registered: 50

Fanent in the bank

Fans climb the trivia ladder to retrieve the fanent in the bank briefcase that they can cash in anytime for a WFE championship opportunity. This event is inspired by WWE’s PPV Money in the Bank.

No of fans: 23

Fanent Rumble

Fans compete in the royal rumble style trivia competition entering at different numbers after regular intervals. This event is inspired by WWE’s PPV Royal Rumble.

No of fans: 25

Maria Kanellis Trivia match

A special trivia match based on the life and wrestling career of Maria Kanellis Bennett where the winner received an interaction with her on instagram live session. The event was in collaboration with Ring of Honor wrestling.

No of fans: 10


Zoom 3

A Tag team event where fans competed in teams against each other in a wrestling trivia.

No of fans: 30


Zoom 2

The first ever online trivia contest among wrestling fans of India.

No of fans: 36


Zoom in

A wrestling entrance battle event and short trivia event.

No of fans: 15


King of the Promo

A verbal battle tournament on instagram where fans impersonate wrestlers or create their own character cutting promos on each other through a series of matches with the winner becoming the king. This tournament is inspired by WWE’s tournament, King of the Ring.

Our on ground events take place in various major cities of India.

1-10-100 Instagram followers

The first ever event of Wrestlefanent inviting the 1st, 10th and 100th follower of our instagram page to our studio for a special photoshoot and lunch.

Game ON

The WFE on ground gaming tournament in our previous studio where fans competed on Play station’s WWE games in a different style of format each month.

Technia Fest

A food and entertainment stall in collaboration with Food Naksha at the annual fest of Technia college, New Delhi.