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Your chances just got Doubled


Beat the Clock

Theme : WWE

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Pick the correct option for the question

Which WWE Hall of Famer became a  WWE Women’s Tag Team champion?

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Pick the correct option for the question. 

John Cena is a _______ time WWE United States champion?

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Pick the correct option for the question 

Who was the winner of the 2019 Women’s Royal Rumble?

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Pick the correct option for the question

The Undertaker faced which WWE superstar at WrestleMania 22?

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Pick the correct option for the question .

Goldberg’s undefeated streak was_-0?

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Put the real names of WWE Superstars (Only first name)
Ric Flair

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Put the real names of WWE Superstars (Only first name)


8 / 20

Put the real names of WWE Superstars (Only first name)

Finn Balor

9 / 20

Put the real names of WWE Superstars (Only first name)


10 / 20

Put the real names of WWE Superstars (Only first name)

Rhea Ripley

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Guess how many times the WWE superstar has won a particular championship.
Kofi Kingston: WWE Championship

12 / 20

Guess how many times the WWE superstar has won a particular championship

Triple H: WWE & World Heavyweight Championship-

13 / 20

Guess how many times the WWE superstar has won a particular championship

The Rock: WWE Intercontinental Championship

14 / 20

Guess how many times the WWE superstar has won a particular championship.

Roman Reigns: WWE Universal Championship

15 / 20

Guess how many times the WWE superstar has won a particular championship

Steve Austin: WWE Championship

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Fill in the name of the superstar using the 3 Slot machine clues:

NXT North American champion     Enforcer     Samoan Spike

17 / 20

Fill in the name of the superstar using the 3 Slot machine clues:

Faithbreaker  Flawless  Women’s champion

18 / 20

Fill in the name of the superstar using the 3 Slot machine clues:

Undisputed    Future Authority    WWE champion

19 / 20

Fill in the name of the superstar using the 3 Slot machine clues:

Chairwoman Chief Brand Officer SmackDown GM

20 / 20

Fill in the name of the superstar using the 3 Slot machine clues:
Riott     Hooters    Watch Me

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User NameDurationScoreStatus
Aman Mishra6 minutes 24 seconds75%
Babu islam12 minutes 23 seconds30%
Ansh yadav11 minutes 56 seconds30%
Soumya Karmakar5 minutes 32 seconds55%
Himanshu Sharma1 minutes 1 seconds0%
Zaid4 minutes 45 seconds50%
Pawansai Sai2 minutes 28 seconds15%
Sanjay12 minutes 29 seconds85%
Sohil Qureshi4 minutes 33 seconds5%
Ranveer Singh Yadav5 minutes 27 seconds45%
Manoh7 minutes 21 seconds45%
Roony Damor17 minutes 36 seconds30%
Rihan12 minutes 6 seconds50%
Tinku20 minutes 25%
Karthik6 minutes 10 seconds25%
Rotik4 minutes 6 seconds10%
Anmol12 minutes 34 seconds60%
Imran Khan8 minutes 42 seconds55%
Mohammed13 minutes 43 seconds30%
Mohammad Kaif19 minutes 31 seconds60%
Vaibhav Jamdad15 minutes 32 seconds95%
Varnik Das6 minutes 32 seconds55%
Akshay3 minutes 46 seconds5%
Mohammed afzan5 minutes 14 seconds50%
SM ZIYAD UDDIN7 minutes 19 seconds40%
Priyanshu singh14 minutes 28 seconds35%
Shubham Sengar19 minutes 12 seconds40%
ANKIT14 minutes 16 seconds20%
Ällåñ £êrñåñÐê§ 💖💫 Ällåñ £êrñåñÐê§ 💖💫3 minutes 4 seconds25%
Rahul K Gohil12 minutes 28 seconds65%
Pavan8 minutes 52 seconds70%
Moin Shaikh6 minutes 56 seconds65%
Khan zeeshan13 minutes 49 seconds40%
Aviee4 minutes 37 seconds20%
Shahrukh Malik5 minutes 4 seconds5%
Arvind4 minutes 12 seconds10%
Ajay deokar3 minutes 50 seconds20%
Systjmm2 minutes 42 seconds5%
HARSHUDADA6 minutes 56 seconds55%
Ayush2 minutes 22 seconds-15%
Dodina3 minutes 50 seconds20%
Shubhamsingh Bainade5 minutes 51 seconds15%
Rohan Hussain12 minutes 7 seconds55%
Sanju Sood6 minutes 44 seconds35%
Ashish Anandrao Bodake4 minutes 27 seconds5%
Nihal Singh12 minutes 33 seconds60%
Akshat5 minutes 41 seconds45%
Tushar Manhotra8 minutes 51 seconds70%
Ankit7 minutes 41 seconds40%
Ayesha Kainth2 minutes 31 seconds80%
Raju12 minutes 16 seconds40%
Chitraranjan Thakuria10 minutes 22 seconds60%
Prabhas mandha2 minutes 53 seconds20%
Syed hasnain3 minutes 16 seconds15%
Ayush2 minutes 45 seconds5%
Jack hammer11 minutes 42 seconds75%
Kunaal Sharma8 minutes 6 seconds60%
Edwin Joseph5 minutes 54 seconds65%
Mehta ved1 minutes 51 seconds5%
Vinit Kumar3 minutes 43 seconds30%
Sourab3 minutes 30 seconds25%
Abdul Refaideen4 minutes 16 seconds70%
Abdul Refaideen2 minutes 20 seconds70%
Abdul Refaideen12 minutes 32 seconds60%
Deva4 minutes 43 seconds50%
Hitesh Makwana7 minutes 30 seconds35%
Arsh8 minutes 34 seconds75%
Harsh Chhabra8 minutes 55%
Adhyan11 minutes 38 seconds90%
sibasish3 minutes 49 seconds45%
Sagar7 minutes 11 seconds20%
Sachal Jaiswal6 minutes 16 seconds80%
Sanket Mudgal2 minutes 16 seconds40%
Jay linka🗿2 minutes 38 seconds10%
Om Sharma23 minutes 17 seconds35%
Mr. Vishwatej59 seconds10%
Shaurya7 minutes 36 seconds50%
Keval mahida2 minutes 54 seconds30%
Keval Mahida13 minutes 55%
Punitsaxena3 minutes 6 seconds-5%
Shresth10 minutes 34 seconds60%
Arnav bhati5 minutes 48 seconds25%
niksindian7 minutes 36 seconds70%
Synrop2 minutes 56 seconds25%
ANKIT Thakur15 minutes 35 seconds60%
Shayaan Siddiqui6 minutes 19 seconds55%
Aashish Hemant Mistry10 minutes 33 seconds100%
Jai Surya4 minutes 11 seconds35%
Jay5 minutes 41 seconds60%
Manish3 minutes 20 seconds35%
Karan Gupta3 minutes 44 seconds85%
Lakshmikanth15 minutes 6 seconds35%
Rahim Ansari13 minutes 28 seconds85%
Harsha kaapade1 minutes 5%
Harsha kaapade7 minutes 5 seconds10%
Divyansh singh12 minutes 46 seconds50%
Devraj4 minutes 9 seconds25%
Mohit Jaiswal3 minutes 42 seconds-5%
Shubham Raghuvanshi3 minutes 57 seconds50%
KetanPatil4 minutes 42 seconds30%
Manu3 minutes 4 seconds25%
Rithvik Siddem2 minutes 22 seconds75%
Souvik Acharjee6 minutes 55 seconds75%
Shehbaaz Ali16 minutes 9 seconds55%
Deepak pal3 minutes 55 seconds15%
Sagar Kumar10 minutes 16 seconds30%
Abhishek Patial4 minutes 7 seconds90%
Hariharan13 minutes 9 seconds30%
RAGHAV Vyas3 minutes 42 seconds15%
TILAK VERMA3 minutes 59 seconds65%
Hff2 minutes 43 seconds50%
Sindhav Jaydeep12 minutes 39 seconds70%
Raju godbole4 minutes 47 seconds30%
Vishal7 minutes 17 seconds50%
Hritik Kashyap4 minutes 28 seconds50%
Raja2 minutes 8 seconds10%
Siddharth Shriwas3 minutes 39 seconds25%
Avesh5 minutes 55 seconds0%
Shivam3 minutes 23 seconds70%
Vidit12 minutes 9 seconds80%
NAMAN12 minutes 22 seconds80%
Gesss11 minutes 28 seconds85%
Nawaz7 minutes 55 seconds10%
Karan3 minutes 57 seconds40%
Manoj Gowda3 minutes 35 seconds15%
Ramesh Vm3 minutes 35 seconds-5%
𝐒𝐨𝐧𝐮 𝐉𝐚𝐚𝐭3 minutes 8 seconds-5%
Vicky5 minutes 18 seconds25%
Altaf6 minutes 5 seconds25%
Amar Khurpade11 minutes 44 seconds95%
Manav Rawal16 minutes 59 seconds45%
Kartik Sharma3 minutes 45 seconds15%
Montu3 minutes 10 seconds0%
Naved5 minutes 19 seconds40%
Nisthul Vincent4 minutes 1 seconds25%
Siddique Shaikh14 minutes 31 seconds35%
Anurag rai2 minutes 10 seconds65%
Md fuzail3 minutes 12 seconds10%
Nirvaan munot2 minutes 59 seconds50%
Aloksharma6 minutes 2 seconds20%
Amandeep singh7 minutes 42 seconds35%
Aniket Singh9 minutes 25 seconds50%
Aj3 minutes 22 seconds25%
Obuliraj2 minutes 57 seconds40%
Zaid20 minutes 10%
Shaikh ZAID2 minutes 43 seconds25%
hhhhhhh27 seconds0%
Shanskaas21 seconds0%
Jsjbsbsbs22 seconds5%
Niks1 minutes 2 seconds10%
Vishakh8 minutes 17 seconds75%
Vishakh5 minutes 39 seconds60%
ghhyhyj28 seconds0%
jdfjf20 seconds0%
dsdad18 seconds5%
admin37 seconds5%
Hari reigns14 minutes 14 seconds40%
Varun yadav3 minutes 33 seconds25%
Hari reigns7 minutes 26 seconds45%
WWE Shorts51 seconds95%
Abhishek Kumar Choudhary8 minutes 2 seconds90%
Sabder Ali3 minutes 29 seconds20%
Imranali sayyad4 minutes 19 seconds20%
Shiva royal5 minutes 11 seconds10%
gyanendra Singh11 minutes 40 seconds90%
Animesh Banerjee5 minutes 53 seconds80%
Rahul11 minutes 7 seconds90%
Prayu5 minutes 22 seconds45%
Kaif ansari13 minutes 19 seconds30%
Sandeep Jaiswal20 minutes 65%
Sahil lala shaikh3 minutes 36 seconds10%
Deepak Rajput16 minutes 28 seconds40%
Karan Nayak1 minutes 31 seconds5%
Sayid3 minutes 52 seconds45%
Yash2 minutes 38 seconds35%
Rishi chandel12 minutes 12 seconds60%
Vineet Chauhan3 minutes 27 seconds20%
Hari haran16 minutes 46 seconds45%
Sunny Shrivas15 minutes 7 seconds20%
Saraj chouhan11 minutes 20 seconds50%
Kenneth Smith5 minutes 34 seconds45%
Sahil Khatik14 minutes 58 seconds50%
Saraj chouhan8 minutes 41 seconds25%
Sachin thakur1 minutes 34 seconds15%
Sachinthakur126 minutes 55 seconds5%
CHECK IT STAN5 minutes 48 seconds55%
Sourabh3 minutes 25 seconds40%
Gautam4 minutes 13 seconds10%
Sahib2 minutes 43 seconds5%
Prem aswani7 minutes 55 seconds80%
Rehman11 minutes 33 seconds50%
Karan Kakroo7 minutes 51 seconds90%
Kunwar Singh6 minutes 43 seconds95%
Amin2 minutes 47 seconds20%
Naitik20 minutes 60%
Ashish Bhagat4 minutes 14 seconds25%
Jaimin17 minutes 8 seconds25%
Arbaaz Khan3 minutes 48 seconds15%
Yusuf Ali Khan2 minutes 26 seconds10%
Syed mohd sahil11 minutes 6 seconds25%
Lokesh Ranga15 minutes 50 seconds65%
Mohit Singh2 minutes 33 seconds10%
Mohammad Irfan11 minutes 43 seconds95%
Icon gaming2 minutes 49 seconds15%
Guri pahal5 minutes 7 seconds10%
Nikhil7 minutes 3 seconds0%
Utkarsh Pandita2 minutes 35 seconds40%
ASHU BEAST1 minutes 29 seconds5%
Karan2 minutes 39 seconds10%
Idrish16 minutes 39 seconds15%
Uday parel4 minutes 59 seconds5%
Farhan3 minutes 38 seconds40%
Sachin3 minutes 23 seconds20%
Anshil Singh4 minutes 54 seconds40%
Arman Khan3 minutes 54 seconds10%
Satya Ganesh3 minutes 31 seconds10%
Md_sufi2 minutes 51 seconds10%
Hardik4 minutes 42 seconds70%
Piyush Gupta4 minutes 30%
Meraj5 minutes 50 seconds20%
Vysakh3 minutes 40 seconds55%
Zaid53 seconds5%
Aakash Sharma16 minutes 8 seconds20%
Aniket Kumar11 minutes 24 seconds40%
Aman3 minutes 6 seconds10%
Sibten punjani4 minutes 9 seconds50%
Manoj soni11 minutes 56 seconds45%
Raghav Somani17 minutes 20 seconds100%
Sultan Shaikh3 minutes 3 seconds5%
Gandharv54 seconds65%
Abdul suleman3 minutes 35 seconds40%
Karan singh8 minutes 16 seconds80%
Deepti Ranjan Nayak20 minutes 60%
Aditya16 minutes 36 seconds45%
Shivam pal5 minutes 4 seconds60%
Karan kharayat17 minutes 59 seconds35%
rahul3 minutes 7 seconds15%
Sanjeev1 minutes 31 seconds5%
Aryan10 minutes 5 seconds90%
Sanjeev2 minutes 30 seconds15%
Uddeshya Keshari11 minutes 10 seconds70%
Soniya19 minutes 28 seconds25%
Aman stephen richardson3 minutes 45 seconds50%
Hitesh Nayak11 minutes 36 seconds40%
Kuldeep singh gurjar4 minutes 26 seconds80%
Sandeep3 minutes 30 seconds20%
Vivek4 minutes 29 seconds30%
Chandrkant4 minutes 20 seconds15%
Parth upadhyay3 minutes 48 seconds15%
Suraj20 minutes 80%
Manav5 minutes 59 seconds40%
Ashish Kori2 minutes 33 seconds15%
Parvesh Kumar5 minutes 16 seconds30%
Karan singh3 minutes 56 seconds5%
Anand11 minutes 3 seconds35%
PULKIT TREHAN8 minutes 31 seconds95%
Ritvik2 minutes 54 seconds50%
Anuj4 minutes 12 seconds30%
Syed soheb4 minutes 45 seconds40%
Aman malik4 minutes 7 seconds30%
Aman malik3 minutes 13 seconds55%
Souda1 minutes 22 seconds95%
Syed soheb1 minutes 22 seconds80%
Gandharv1 minutes 3 seconds75%
Syed soheb1 minutes 51 seconds50%
Yash Deo3 minutes 50 seconds75%
Syed soheb1 minutes 46 seconds65%
Syed soheb1 minutes 31 seconds60%
Syed soheb3 minutes 29 seconds60%
Archit Sahay3 minutes 56 seconds90%
Rishab5 minutes 8 seconds30%
Rishab joahi26 minutes 44 seconds5%
Himanshu Tiwari16 minutes 55 seconds65%
Gandharv Kainth2 minutes 19 seconds85%
ankur5 minutes 50 seconds50%
Gandharv Kainth2 minutes 9 seconds75%
Madhavan Chaks8 minutes 29 seconds75%
Harshit3 minutes 42 seconds20%
Parth Sabharwal4 minutes 25 seconds50%
abd2 minutes 46 seconds35%
Dhruv makwana15 minutes 4 seconds50%
Aryan Shankar7 minutes 42 seconds55%
Siddhant10 minutes 10 seconds30%
Gaurav Batra3 minutes 9 seconds100%
Vishakh6 minutes 47 seconds60%
Yuvraj4 minutes 9 seconds80%
Gaurav Batra1 minutes 30 seconds95%
Anurag Jain5 minutes 26 seconds30%
Arpit2 minutes 42 seconds15%
Atharv kurhe3 minutes 50%
Kanav Slathia3 minutes 6 seconds25%
Amandeep2 minutes 35 seconds35%
Kamlesh5 minutes 34 seconds5%
Prince Singh3 minutes 52 seconds10%
Shan3 minutes 12 seconds20%
Devanand U2 minutes 54 seconds80%
Devanand U1 minutes 10 seconds90%
Devanand1 minutes 30 seconds90%
Devanand U3 minutes 18 seconds90%
454543 minutes 35 seconds80%
Devanand U5 minutes 1 seconds85%
Shubhang Rathi3 minutes 50%
Aman malik6 minutes 27 seconds15%
Aman malik4 minutes 49 seconds65%

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