Moments After Roman Reigns Witnessed The Bloodline Implode On SmackDown, Fans Added Insult To Injury For The Tribal Chief

roman reigns smackdown

Roman Reigns has been on the top of the food chain for over three years now. He ruled under the impression that it was his word “alone” that made WWE relevant in the modern era. After the recent turn of events, The Tribal Chief will surely understand the meaning of being majorly alone.

roman reigns

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Despite Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman still being on his side, the Bloodline’s monument just dropped down after losing two of its biggest pillars.

Roman Reigns’ Massive Ego Just Made Him Witness His Family Explosion

Roman Reigns remained in the main event scene ever since he donned the armour of the ruthless and relentless Tribal Chief in 2020. Since then, he destroyed major names such as Cody Rhodes, Edge, John Cena, and Brock Lesnar en route to surpassing 1,000 days as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

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However, drenched in the rain of immense power, Reigns began berating his cousins for their constant failures, Jimmy and Jey Uso, especially after the duo lost the Undisputed WWE tag team titles at WrestleMania 39.

That led Jimmy Uso to finally snap and retaliate against the Head of the Table last month and most recently his brother Jey Uso followed suit. Confronting Reigns on the recent edition of SmackDown, the Head of the Table expected Jey to fall in place. However, to the shock of everyone, Main-Event Jey took out years of frustration and super-kicked Roman Reigns’ head off his shoulders.

This officially ended The Usos’ tenure as the militant soldiers of the Roman Empire. The disaster did not end for the Undisputed Champion there. As SmackDown went off the air, Roman Reigns was showered with berating chants by the WWE Universe, adding salts to his wounds. A clip surfaced on the internet by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful on Twitter.

jey uso superkick roman reigns

“You Deserve It.”

The blue brand closed out this week’s show with The Tribal Chief left insulted and embarrassed at the hands of his “blood.”

Roman Reigns Had It Coming For Months Now

WWE Universe witnessed for months their berating chants at the end of SmackDown that Roman Reigns had this coming. The Head of the Table reminded The Usos of their failures ever since they dropped the tag titles to Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.

After The Usos failed to recapture the gold once again, Roman Reigns decided to take matters into his own hands and enlisted the assistance of his Usos’ brother and Bloodline’s Enforcer, Solo Sikoa. The duo battled Sami and KO at WWE Night of Champions last month. It was on that very night that Reigns also achieved the 1000-day mark as the Undefeated champion.

However, the night saw the first missile dropped on The Bloodline’s Island of Relevancy when Jimmy Uso turned his back on Reigns and attacked him. Now Jey, who was surprised by his brother’s actions then and had constant thinking to do to either side with his own “blood” or fall in line has also made his choice clear.

With the Bloodline destroyed, what will Roman Reigns do now? Also, does that mean that his title reign could be inching toward its end?

After all, Reigns escaped a major of times with the title clutched in his hands, courtesy of The Usos. So with his two pillars of strength no longer by his side, maybe that is something The Tribal Chief should watch out. Or he might just lose everything he has worked for.