Ex-WWE Star, Who Had his First Match With John Cena, Once Wrestled A 1.2$ Billion Michael Jackson Impersonator

john cena,michael jackson,michael jackson impersonator

John Cena is himself one of the most versatile and accomplished names in WWE and now in the entertainment industry, with his Hollywood career booming Off The Wall. Speaking of those last three words, do you remember which music entertainer’s first major solo album was named that?

john cena,michael jackson,michael jackson impersonator

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It was none other than the legendary “King of Pop” Michael Jackson. Billed as one of the greatest entertainers of all time, Michael’s stardom transcended to every other field and genre. Moreover, this has also been seen in the wrestling world as well. Let us take you back to that instance, where a person from John Cena’s past met a reflection of MJ “The Man in the Mirror.”

Which Former John Cena Rival Shared The Ring With Michael Jackson’s Personality?

John Cena’s storied WWE career has had its fair share of rivals that have taken the Cenation Leader to the limit. However, there is one particular individual that connects Cena’s legacy to one of the biggest music icons there ever lived, Michael Jackson. To the surprise of many, that superstar is the apple-spitting, second-generation star, Carlito Caribbean Cool.

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The former WWE United States Champion has been largely wrestling on the independent circuit, since his departure from WWE in 2009. Since then, he has drastically improved inside the squared circle and even on his now impressive outlook. However, last year Carlito encountered a shadow of Michael Jackson in the wrestling world.

During his appearance on an indie show in 2022, Carlito was pitted in a triple threat match, that featured the impersonator Michael Jackson. The wrestler, who goes by the name ‘Santana Jackson’ went viral for his portrayal of The King of Pop, while displaying the same dance moves and efficient wrestling skills. You can check out the clip of that match here.

michael jackson impersonator

The closing moments saw Carlito doing his signature act of “spitting apple” in the face of the Michael Jackson impersonator and pinning the other wrestler to secure the win.

Is John Cena’s Rival Heading Back To The Global Juggernaut?

The year has passed on and the WWE Universe got to witness Carlito back in the company most recently. The Cool superstar was seen at WWE’s Premium live event in Puerto Rico in May, WWE Backlash. But now, according to a PWInsiderElite.com report, Carlito has begun formalizing his WWE comeback.

He reportedly met with the WWE officials and has stopped taking any new bookings on the independent circuit. Moreover, it is believed to be a follow-up for other promoters by the former WWE Intercontinental champion that he is heading to Vince McMahon’s promotion.

Carlito’s return is yet to be confirmed for sure. However, he has already visited the WWE Performance Center which could be indicating to the fact that John Cena’s former rival is ready to be back on the road as a full-time WWE performer.

john cena carlito

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