3 Reasons Why Seth Rollins Deserves To Be The First World Heavyweight Champion

seth rollins

The Drip God Seth Rollins has been known to be one of the most remarkable WWE talents of the modern era. His captivating personality, loud and classy drip persona, and exceptional in-ring acumen possessed to make him a top-caliber WWE superstar of this generation.

seth rollins

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With WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H unveiling a brand new WWE World Heavyweight Championship last week, speculations have been running rapidly surrounding the first holder of the title. The inaugural World champion will be crowned at the upcoming WWE premium live event, Night of Champions in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The event would see top superstars from the RAW brand compete in a tournament format to win the coveted title (since Roman Reigns was drafted SmackDown, the title became exclusive to Monday Night RAW.)

As all members of the WWE Universe have been vocal about their pick for the first champion, a majority section has expressed their desire to see The Visionary win the championship at Night of Champions. Here are three reasons why Seth Rollins deserves to win the World Heavyweight Championship in Jeddah.

1 Seth Rollins Is The True Counterpart To Roman Reigns

seth rollins

While there is no doubt that Roman Reigns is a truly generational talent and the biggest WWE star of this generation, Seth Rollins is nowhere behind the Tribal Chief when it comes to being a main-event talent. Both members of the Shield embarked on different paths and rose to superstardom becoming two of the biggest WWE superstars of all time.

While the Head of the Table was backed by the higher-ups and protected by countless people around him, Rollins proved himself as the true dark horse, winning multiple accolades and headlining events based on his merit over the last ten years. With Reigns being the face of SmackDown and Seth selected as a top pick for RAW in the WWE Draft, RAW could once again become ‘Monday Night Rollins.’

This could turn around with Seth Rollins at the top of the red brand as the new World Heavyweight champion and perhaps stick to the man, whose dominant title reign omits Rollins as a victim and has always been one step ahead of him from the start.

2 Top WWE Superstar On RAW

seth rollins

Seth Rollins has been a constant fixture for Monday Night RAW for the majority of his career. While many fans might argue that the American Nightmare Cody Rhodes seemed to have replaced him, others might have a different opinion. The Visionary has carried the company on his back since 2015, from being the Architect of The Shield to becoming a top-tier WWE talent.

Furthermore, Cody Rhodes becoming a top-caliber star also came at the expense of a heated rivalry with the Drip God himself. Moreover, the WWE Universe all around the globe singing his battle theme upon his arrival and even during his absence gives an indication of his popularity being on top at the moment. This makes Seth Rollins a top contender to capture the newly established World Heavyweight Champion.

3 Ending The Visionary’s World Title Drought

seth rollins

The last time Seth Rollins held a World championship was back at a time, the world had never heard of a virus that could change the face of the world. Rollins’ last World title reign came as the WWE Universal Champion in 2019, a title currently held by his arch-rival Roman Reigns who approaches his 1000th day as the longest-reigning champion of the modern era.

The Drip God, however, has not held any world championship gold in the last four years. With the introduction of the new World Heavyweight Championship, Seth’s long title drought could finally come to a close and reign once again as a workhorse champion, something he has done in his past reigns and a champion that the WWE universe deserves, as rightfully said by Triple H.

What is your take on this story? Do you think Seth Rollins will the inaugural WWE World Heavyweight Champion? Sound off in the comments!