3 Reasons Why WWE New World Heavyweight Championship Was Introduced By Triple H, Explained

wwe new world heavyweight championship

WWE is known to create historic moments every now and then for the last four decades. The end of WrestleMania season marked a new beginning for the global juggernaut, with their acquisition by the Endeavor, reintroduction of the upcoming WWE Draft, and the latest announcement by WWE Chief Content Officer, Triple H. The Game appeared on Monday Night RAW this week and unveiled the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

wwe new world heavyweight championship

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Triple H also mentioned that Roman Reigns, the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, would remain with whatever brand selects him in the 2023 WWE Draft. The World Heavyweight Championship match will then be held between the other brand. On May 27 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, at Night of Champions, the new champion will be announced.

Triple H introducing a new World Championship has certainly pulled eyeballs towards the wrestling giant. So let’s dive deep and explore the subject of a new heavyweight title introduced in the WWE landscape.

1 WWE New World Heavyweight Championship Looks Like A Combination Of Other Titles

wwe new world heavyweight championship

When Triple H unveiled the new world championship for the first time on RAW, the fans could not stop noticing the similarity it drew with some of other championship belts they had seen. The majority of the audience was quick to recognize this new title drawing a lot of inspiration from the classic ‘Big Gold Belt.’ The title was rebranded as the World Heavyweight Championship in 2002 with Triple H himself being the first holder of the title. The belt was later retired in 2014 when Brock Lesnar was presented with a single world championship title.

Furthermore, it was also interesting to notice the plate work on the title, looking very much similar to the world championship of WWE’s direct rival, AEW. WWE’s new title was panned for its design by a major section of fans, while appreciated by only a handful of them.

2 Why Was There A Need For A New World Championship?

wwe new world heavyweight championship

Ever since Triple H took the reins of WWE Creative last summer, there has been a complete change in the work environment and a major morale boost backstage among the WWE superstars and personnel. The Cerebral Assassin, alongside a large portion of the fanbase, was quick to recognize that WWE had become the ‘Roman Reigns Show’ with the Tribal Chief sitting on the top of the mountain with the Undisputed WWE Universal title firmly in his grasp.

Moreover, Reigns’ part-time schedule and limited appearances omitted the presence of a World Champion on WWE television programming on a regular basis. According to multiple reports, Triple H has already planned to introduce a new world championship long ago.

With the 14-time World champion pulling the trigger right after the end of WrestleMania season and at the onset of the WWE Draft, it seems like business is about to pick up with a big opportunity for all WWE superstars to rise up on the top of the food chain.

3 Who Could Be The Inaugural Title Holder & Which Brand Will The Title Go To?

wwe new world heavyweight championship

As Triple H mentioned during his segment on RAW, Roman Reigns will continue to serve as the world champion of the brand he is drafted to. Many have speculated that Reigns and his Bloodline would be assigned to the SmackDown brand, considered as the ‘A show’ of WWE. This could predominately mean that this new WWE World Heavyweight title would be the flag bearer of Monday Night RAW.

Furthermore, among many others, The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes is looking to be the front-runner to become the inaugural champion at Night of Champions in Jeddah. Rhodes came up short in his quest to dethrone Roman Reigns for the championship at WrestleMania 39 and see this opportunity as a way to “finish the story.” Other top contenders in line to potentially become the new world champion includes the likes of Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, Brock Lesnar, and Finn Balor.

What is your take on the new WWE World championship? Did you like the design? Sound off in the comments!