ROMAN REIGNS & SAUDI ARABIA: A brief look at The Tribal Chief’s history

Image Courtesy: WWE

Writer: Nikunj Walia

When we talk about massive WWE shows, one country is a front runner i.e Saudi Arabia-The Arabian Peninsula of Western Asia situated in the northeast of Africa on the Arabian Plate. The country is emerging to be progressive in culture, entertainment, and equality, all of which are seen in the WWE pay-per-views produced so far like WWE Super-Showdown, Greatest Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, and the upcoming Crown Jewel taking place on November 5 in Riyadh. WWE’s partnership began with Saudi back in 2014 and signed a 10-year strategic partnership deal with the General Sports Authority to host pay-per-view shows in the country.

One WWE Superstar highly synonymous with the magnitude of events held in the glorious country is the current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. The Tribal Chief has been featured on mostly every marquee show held in Saudi Arabia and has quite a rich history dating back to his first appearance at the Greatest Royal Rumble.


Here is a look at Roman Reigns’ tremendous track record for WWE’s Saudi Arabia shows:

Greatest Royal Rumble (2018)

Image Courtesy: WWE

The Head of The Table’s first showing in Saudi Arabia came at the spinoff event of the Royal Rumble, in a grueling Steel Cage match against Brock Lesnar in 2018 for the Universal Title. The history books will note Lesnar as the controversial winner, but the fans would remember Reigns as the true victor as he speared the Beast Incarnate right through the cage with his feet touching the floor first, which was missed by the WWE official awarding the victory to Lesnar.

WWE Super-Showdown (2019)

Image Courtesy: WWE

Roman Reigns stepped across the ring in a first-time-ever showdown against the Prodigal Son Shane McMahon at the 2019 edition of Super-Showdown, after weeks of feuding with him and fellow WWE Superstars Elias and Drew McIntyre. The Scottish Psychopath proved to be the deciding factor by hitting a Claymore Kick to Reigns while the referee was down and allowed Shane-O-Mac to secure the pinfall.

WWE Crown Jewel (2019)

Image Courtesy: WWE

The next WWE pay-per-view in Saudi Arabia in 2019 saw Reigns serving as captain and a part of the victorious Team Hulk Hogan over Team Ric Flair in a 10-Man Tag Team match featuring several other top WWE Superstars in one of the headliners for the show.

WWE Super-Showdown (2020)

Image Courtesy: WWE

After months of feuding, Roman Reigns met his rival at the time, King Corbin for their final encounter in a highly intense Steel Cage match at the 2020 edition of WWE Super-Showdown. The physically tormenting bout saw The Big Dog laying waste to the King performing a Superman Punch with a chain wrapped around his fist and putting down Corbin to end their rivalry.

WWE Crown Jewel (2021)

Image courtesy: SEScoops

Last year at WWE Crown Jewel saw The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns be a part of his first main-event in a Saudi pay-per-view, taking on the returning and rejuvenated Cowboy Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship. With both bringing a completely different aura and personality than ever seen before during their previous encounters, Roman resorted to a little distraction by Paul Heyman, who passed on the championship title in the ring behind the referee’s back. This gave Reigns the opening to strike Lesnar with the title belt and pin him at the arrival of a second referee to retain his title

With WWE Crown Jewel 2022 heading our way this year on November 5, The Head of the Table Roman Reigns has now been slated to battle the YouTube sensation, Logan Paul, after their recent confrontation at the special conference held on Saturday, September 17 in Las Vegas with the match made official during the event by WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H.