5 WWE Superstars Who Can Win The New WWE World Heavyweight Championship

new wwe world heavyweight championship

The WWE landscape has experienced a major shift in tide with the introduction of a brand new WWE World Heavyweight Championship this week on Monday Night RAW. The new title was unveiled by WWE Chief Content Officer, Triple H, introducing it as a counterpart for Roman Reigns’ Undisputed WWE Universal Title. The Game also mentioned that the new title holder would be crowned at WWE’s Night of Champions pay-per-view in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in May 2023.

New WWE World Heavyweight Championship

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The new championship was introduced just a few weeks before the WWE Draft 2023 which surely can be a game-changer and a massive opportunity for many top-tier WWE superstars. Here are the 5 top contenders who could become the inaugural World Heavyweight champion.

5 Gunther Becomes A Double Champion

New WWE World Heavyweight Championship

The longest reigning WWE Intercontinental champion of the 21st century, Gunther has proved himself to be a remarkable talent since day one. The Ring General replicated the same success on the main roster he achieved in NXT UK and continued to ride the wave of success.

Gunther is fresh off a huge victory over two former world champions, Sheamus and Drew McIntyre defending the workhorse title successfully in a massive triple-threat match at WrestleMania 39. The momentum could continue for the leader of The Imperium if his road leads him to Jeddah and that night ends with Gunther winning the new World Championship, becoming a double champion in the process.

4 LA Knight- The Dark Horse To Victory

New WWE World Heavyweight Championship

LA Knight has been credited as one of the most talented WWE superstars on the main roster today. The captivating star has all the tools to transcend into a megastar and has proved his worth in NXT from the time he adopted back his old gimmick. Despite LA Knight’s talent and popularity, he was left out of the WrestleMania card, but multiple reports indicate that he is perceived as a top prospect by the higher-ups.

If Triple H believes that LA Knight is ready to take the next step, the most logical booking would be to put the new world title belt on him and push him into the main event as a top-caliber star.

3 Finn Balor Knows What It Takes To Win The New WWE World Heavyweight Championship

New WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Finn Balor has proved time and time again that he is one of the most credible and gifted WWE superstars of this generation. From his successful resurgence in NXT to becoming the leader of Judgment Day, Balor looking to rise up to the top of the mountain. This rise could be solidified with The PrinXe winning the new heavyweight championship at Night of Champions in May 2023.

We all remember that Balor is no stranger to becoming the inaugural champion. Balor was the first-ever WWE Universal Champion, winning the title at WWE SummerSlam 2016. So it could be time for him to recreate history and capture the newest top prize in the landscape.

2 Seth “Freakin” Rollins Ends His World Title Drought

New WWE World Heavyweight Championship

The one WWE superstar who knows what it takes to be and remain a World champion is the Drip God Seth Rollins. He is a former multi-time World champion and possibly one of the greatest in-ring WWE performers of this era. While Roman Reigns is indeed the face, many fans and critics consider Rollins as the heart and soul of WWE.

The Drip God has not held a World title for nearly four years, with his last title win coming for the WWE Universal title against Brock Lesnar at WWE SummerSlam in 2019. With the introduction of this new World Championship, Rollins could finally return to the dreamland and reign above the entire roster as the new champion.

1 Cody Rhodes Finishes His Story With This Golden Opportunity

New WWE World Heavyweight Championship

The entire WWE Universe wanted to see Cody Rhodes dethrone Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39 and become the new Undisputed WWE Universal champion to “finish the story.” However, an assist from Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman helped the Tribal Chief beat Rhodes and keep his long title reign intact.

However, with the introduction of a brand new World Heavyweight title in WWE, Rhodes could perhaps seize this golden opportunity and fight his way to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia at WWE Night of Champions 2023 to become the first-ever holder of the new WWE World championship. Rhodes’ being a massive fan favorite, coming off a huge main event showdown and a top attraction for the company makes him the front-runner to be crowned the new champion.

What is your take on this feature? Who is your pick to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion? Sound off in the comments!