Top 5 Saraya Dream Matches If She Was Still In WWE


Saraya, formerly known as Paige in WWE, is known to be one of the most talented pioneers of the squared circle. The young girl from Norwich England fought tooth and nail to become a popular name in the wrestling industry.

After staying retired for nearly four years, Saraya left WWE in July 2022 and made her debut in their rival competitor’s promotion, AEW. Furthermore, the former WWE Divas champion was also cleared to return to in-ring action, battling against AEW’s top homegrown talent, Britt Baker in her first match back.


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With the 31-year-old superstar looking to make a mark in AEW with no signs of returning to her old promotion, these bouts for the former Paige against the top-tier WWE talent would have been spectacular matches to witness.

5 Saraya Vs Alexa Bliss


When Alexa Bliss came up to the main roster, either she did not cross paths with Saraya or the Anti-Diva was not around to confront her. WWE was looking to book a first-ever major bout between the two WWE superstars in 2017 when Saraya came back from a lengthy hiatus alongside Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, dubbed Absolution.

The trio had created havoc over the entire women’s division and even laid to Alexa Bliss at one point who was the RAW Women’s champion at the time. However, this match never saw the light as Paige once again found herself on the sidelines after being injured at a WWE house show.

4 Saraya Vs Asuka


After Saraya retired from the ring and took up non-wrestling roles, one of those instances saw her becoming the manager of Asuka and her partner KAIRI. All seemed to be going well for the trio, until October 2019 when the Empress of Tomorrow spray her in the face with the green mist, effectively ending their alliance.

This short stint was the only time both WWE superstars shared the screen together. However, a one-on-one bout between Asuka and Saraya, had the former Divas champion would have been cleared to compete, would have been a massive blockbuster showdown for the Women’s division.

3 Saraya Vs Ronda Rousey


Ronda Rousey has etched her place as one of the most decorated combat sports athletes, both in UFC and WWE. The Rowdy One battled through the likes of many top WWE superstars of the women’s division, with the exception of Saraya, who was one of the first pioneers to kickstart the Women’s Revolution in the company.

Furthermore, Rousey could have seen Paige as her manager at one point, as revealed by the Anti-Diva who pitched the idea to become her manager during an interview on Chris Jericho’s Talk Is Jericho podcast.

“Awful. The only thing is, I was in a better mindset because if it was a couple years before, I would have spiraled 100%. But at that point, I was I was just like, you know what? I can’t hit rock bottom again. I can only continue and try and do other things. But then you know, I got to be GM and I loved it, but then that kind of got cut short as well and I never really understood why because it was a great gig and I feel like everyone liked it. I never got anything negative from it. It was just shocking.”

While the WWE Universe never got to see that angle, they did not even witness Rousey and Saraya share the ring due to the latter not being cleared at the time. But judging from the talents of both competitors, it would have surely been a match for the ages.

2 Saraya Vs Rhea Ripley


Rhea Ripley sits atop the top of the mountain in WWE, with her dark and unorthodox demeanor and amazing in-ring acumen. However, at the time when Mami was just starting out in the company, Saraya had already done much to pave the way for the next crop of WWE superstars, like Rhea Ripley herself.

By the time Ripley arrived at the main roster, Paige had already taken a backseat from competing inside the squared circle. While the fans never got to witness this encounter, the two similar stars surely would have torn down the house at any major WWE show in a highly anticipated bout.

1 Saraya Vs Bianca Belair


Bianca Belair has emerged as one of the most remarkable talents in WWE’s modern era. The longest-reigning RAW Women’s champion has beaten several top stars during her impressive run on the main roster. While Belair began her stint when Saraya was around the landscape, her non-medical clearance did not let her get a chance to compete against Belair.

With Saraya now as an active competitor in AEW and Belair being on the top of WWE’s women’s division, the dream showdown looks difficult in the near future, but as they say in the wrestling business “never say never.”

Do you think Saraya would return to WWE in the future? Which dream match do you want to see happen? Sound off in the comments!