WWE Money In The Bank Live Results: IYO Sky Wins Women’s Ladder Match

wwe money in the bank live results

The 02 Arena in London witnessed a highly explosive Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder match featuring six of the best talents from the current WWE roster. But it was IYO Sky who outlasted the entire field and grabbed the Money in the Bank briefcase in front of a record-setting crowd in the White Smoke.

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The match was fast-paced action with amazing and exfoliating spots in the match. From IYO Sky’s defining high-flying spot from the ladder, to Zelina defying gravity and Trish Stratus and Becky Lynch reigniting their rivalry, the match proved to be a massive success. Moreover, another match spot saw Stratus and her prodigy, Zoey Stark double teaming Lynch, attempting to handcuff The Man.

wwe money in the bank live results

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But Becky was not going down without a fight overcoming the handicapping effect laying out Stratus with a Man Handle slam on the ladder only for Zoey Stark to take her out. The following moment saw Zelina Vega battle it out with Stark on the top of the ladder and Vega doing the Code Red from the top of the ladder, leading to the “This is Awesome chant” break out.

With no one in sight, IYO Sky ascended the top of the ladder only to be taken out by her own Damage CTRL partner Bayley. It seemed that she would win the match, but Becky Lynch stopped her in his tracks. IYO Sky reemerged back and handcuffed both Lynch and Bayley, climbing the ladder and retrieving the briefcase to become Ms. Money in the Bank.

Genius Of Money In The Bank: WWE Money In The Bank Live Results

wwe money in the bank live results

The road to WWE Money in the Bank was one of its own kind. With several top WWE superstars from the Women’s division jocking for position, things had to come to an explosive conclusion. The line-up featured main event stars like Becky Lynch, and Bayley, and upcoming talents like Zelina Vega, IYO Sky, and Zoey Stark, capped by the participation of WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus.

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While the effort was valiant by each of those talented individuals, in the end, it was IYO Sky’s genius to handcuff Becky Lynch and Bayley, that led to her triumph by climbing the ladder and grabbing the opportunity of a lifetime. It will now be a matter of time before

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