WWE Money In The Bank Live Results: John Cena Makes A Surprise Return In London, Makes Grayson Waller Pay

john cena returns

The Champ was indeed here and his one shock let to the 02 Arena in London to explode. The 16-time World Champion John Cena gave a massive surprise to the WWE Universe, showing up at WWE Money in the Bank.

John Cena’s entrance music sent shockwaves across the entire arena and much to their delight, he was welcomed back to a big ovation. Cena grabbed the mic to address the fans in attendance, questioning WWE management on taking over 20 years to bring a Premium Live Event to the great city of Britain.

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Furthermore, after his little beration of backstage politics, John finally opened up to his surprise appearance at WWE Money in the Bank. Cena believed the London crowd deserved better and earned his respect, which led to a big “Thank You Cena” chant erupting in the O2 Arena.

Finally, John Cena dropped the ultimate bomb by revealing his plans to try and bring the biggest WWE live event in history, WrestleMania to London. This led to London giving the loudest pop they could have, with Cena being the catalyst for change.

John Cena Was Interrupted By Grayson Waller: WWE Money In The Bank Live Results

john cena returns

However, his fired-up emotions were interrupted by the rising star, Grayson Waller. Waller began by expressing his fandom for the Cenation Leader, only to berate him in the process alongside the entire London. Moreover, he believed that WrestleMania should take place in his home country of Australia.

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After Cena politely turned down Grayson Waller’s invitation to his WrestleMania Waller Effect, the upstart launched a sneak attack. Just as he was getting the upper hand, Cena fought back with a thunderous Attitude Adjustment and exited the arena with his head held up high.

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