WWE Money In The Bank Live Results: Cody Rhodes Emerges Victorious

wwe money in the bank live results

The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes walked into London with a clear intention of teaching Dominik Mysterio a lesson for the ages and rightfully said, he did scoring a huge victory over the estranged member of the Mysterio family.

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Cody Rhodes was fired up from the get-go, ripping off his arm cast, which was broken by Brock Lesnar during their last bout at WWE Night of Champions. As the match progressed, Dominik Mysterio resorted to retreating and hiding behind his Mami, Rhea Ripley at every chance, striking at every possible opportunity.

wwe money in the bank live results

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However, The American Nightmare showed his prowess inside the squared circle, displaying amazing in-ring acumen and derailing Dominik’s momentum. Moreover, Dominik could also receive some flowers for surviving the Disaster kick spot.

The young Mysterio even tried to use his father-turned-enemy’s finisher, the 619 only to find himself connected with a Cody Cutter and being laid out by a final Cross Rhodes by the American Nightmare who picked up the win.

Cody Rhodes Vs Dominik Mysterio Was A Perfect Babyface Heel Story: WWE Money In The Bank Live Results

wwe money in the bank live results

Cody Rhodes had been coming off a crushing defeat at the hands of Brock Lesnar at WWE Night of Champions in May 2023. However, before he could get back up, he found himself targeted by The Judgment Day, especially Rey Mysterio’s estranged son, Dominik.

Mami’s young lad took every opportunity to get under The American Nightmare’s skin on the road to WWE Money in the Bank. Moreover, Dominik Mysterio looked to pick up a huge win in London by putting down Cody Rhodes in the 02 Arena.

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However, Mami’s little boy did not have the resistance and the support from the WWE Universe that Cody had which led him to leave London and the 02 Arena with a huge victory under his belt.

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