WWE Money In The Bank Live Results: Gunther’s Dominance Ran Up To A Returning Drew McIntyre

wwe money in the bank live results

Matt Riddle walked into WWE Money in the Bank, looking to add the prestigious WWE Intercontinental championship to his collection. However, the Original Bro’s dreams met with the reality of Gunther’s wrath, only to find himself in the presence of the returning Scottish Warrior, Drew McIntyre.

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Riddle walked into the title match with an injured ankle against the man who never lost a singles match for a long time on the main roster. For the majority of the match, Gunther exploited Riddle’s injury in an attempt to end the match as quickly as possible.

wwe money in the bank live results

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Randy Orton’s former Bro gave his best attempt, showing heart and resiliency to win the IC championship for the first time in his career. The Original Bro showed some amazing moves and spots. However, Gunther’s fury proved to be superior during the final moments of the match, when he locked him in the ankle lock submission, tapping out Riddle to retain his Intercontinental championship.

However, the end of the match saw Gunther being confronted by the resurgent Drew McIntyre who retaliated with a Glasgow Kiss, followed by a thunderous Claymore Kick, leaving the victorious champion out cold in the middle of the ring.

The Ring General vs The Scottish Warrior Next: WWE Money In The Bank Live Results

wwe money in the bank live results

Gunther has emerged as the longest-reigning WWE Intercontinental champion of the 21st century. The Ring General has destroyed the competition ever since he came to the main roster in 2022. Moreover, many have claimed that Gunther has restored the prestige of the workhorse title with his dominant and mesmerizing reign.

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Gunther’s throne was challenged by the Original Bro, Matt Riddle who himself returned to WWE right after WrestleMania 39 following a lengthy hiatus. Riddle was a champion during his last run and wanted to pick up right where he left off at the expense of the leader of The Imperium.

However, Gunther proved once again that his reign was built on his domination. But with Drew McIntyre’s return and sights set on the WWE Intercontinental title, The Ring General’s kingdom might be nearing its end.

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