The Darkest Days of WWE’s Liv Morgan: 3 Toughest Instances

liv morgan

Liv Morgan has risen to the occasion and has been carrying the WWE Women’s division in the absence of big stars like Becky Lynch and Rhea Ripley. Morgan’s stock continues to rise courtesy of her ongoing intriguing storyline with Dominik Mysterio, incredibly high merchandise sales, and her segments being the most viewed on Monday Night RAW which indeed proves her worth as a major draw.

The current WWE Women’s World Champion has garnered many accolades in her WWE career including winning the Money in the Bank Briefcase and clinching both the WWE women’s tag team titles and the women’s titles twice. However, there are still some instances that don’t sit well with one of the most promising stars of the modern era in the WWE.

Let us take a look at three worst instances of Liv Morgan’s career:

1. Liv Morgan unable to defeat The Man fair and square

There are not many superstars in WWE who can say they have beaten a top attraction like Becky Lynch clean as a whistle. The Man is one of the most popular female superstars in WWE history and beating her qualifies any female athlete to be a big-time player for years to come in the industry. 

Out of all those women who hold a pinfall victory over The Man, is indeed Liv Morgan. However, the victory did not come without any controversy as Dominik Mysterio unknowingly assisted Morgan to win the title and a similar instance happened in their rematch on Monday Night RAW last week. So not beating Becky Lynch clean will always be one of the worst instances in Liv Morgan’s career.

2) Arrest for Marijuana

Liv Morgan has always stayed in the headlines, whether it was about her life inside or outside of the ring. At the end of last year, Morgan made news for the wrong reasons when she got arrested for being for possession of marijuana.

The Miracle Kid of WWE was taken into custody in Summer County, Florida following a traffic stop. Morgan faced charges for possession of Marijuana and cannabinoids. The arrest news went viral on social media and recently a body cam video of the incident was released as well, making it one of the worst moments of Morgan’s life.

3. Getting Injured at the hand of Mami

Liv Morgan was on a career high when she pinned Ronda Rousey for the third time and won the WWE Women’s Tag Team titles. However, an injury at the hands of The Eradicator cost her the championship and put her on the shelf for over 8 months.

Liv Morgan suffered a shoulder injury after a vicious attack by Rhea Ripley on Monday Night RAW when she brutally attacked Morgan’s shoulder with a steel chair. However, karma would come into action for Rhea Ripley as upon her return, Liv Morgan would, in turn, injure Ripley’s shoulder leading her to relinquish her WWE Women’s World Championship.

What do you think of these three tough instances that Liv Morgan had to face in her career? Share your thoughts in the comments!