Liv Morgan’s Path as WWE Women’s World Champion: 3 Scenarios for 2024


Liv Morgan is riding high on her ‘Liv Morgan Revenge Tour‘ and finally made it to one of the most important stops on her tour. This saw Morgan winning the WWE Women’s World Championship in a fantastic match from The Man Becky Lynch in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia at WWE King and Queen of the Ring Premium Live Event.

The finish of the match, though, was rather controversial as the ending sequence saw Dominik Mysterio toss up a steel chair in the ring which Morgan used as assistance to put away The Man. Nonetheless, she is the new WWE Women’s World Champion who could shake up the entire landscape on the Monday Night RAW as seen by her recent antics already.

Let us take a look at 3 directions WWE can explore with Liv Morgan as WWE Women’s World Champion:

1. Align with Judgment Day

As WWE Fans witnessed in Jeddah at WWE King and Queen of the Ring and in the main event of Monday Night RAW, Dominik Mysterio unknowingly assisted Liv Morgan in her victory over Becky Lynch, whether it was accidental or intentional, but that remains to be seen. The biggest shocker of the year might come around if it was all part of Liv’s master plan to align with Dom’s crew, Judgment Day.

Furthermore, in the last few weeks, WWE Universe has seen the former Women’s Money in the Bank winner interacting with the members of Judgment Day. This could be part of her larger plan to establish her Revenge Tour on Monday Night RAW and take everything away from her arch-rival, Rhea Ripley which already began when she took out Ripley with an injury and now has won her Women’s World Championship.

2. Liv Morgan Takeover Damage CTRL

Damage CTRL was formed by Bayley when she made her impending return to the WWE at SummerSlam 2022. However, the association did not last long as the group kicked their own leader Bayley out of the group after Kabuki Warriors aligned themselves with Dakota and IYO Sky.

Recently, Damage CTRL has been struggling to rack up victories ever since parting ways with Bayley as both Iyo and Dakota failed to reach the finals of the Queen of the Ring tournament and the Kabuki Warriors lost their tag titles at WWE Backlash. The tension is running at an all-time high in the group and an association with a new leader might help the stable to get back on track. Having said that, the WWE Universe could see the new Women’s World Champion Liv Morgan, who is now running the Monday Nights align herself with Damage CTRL further to establish her dominance in the Women’s division.

3. Feuds with Top Stars on Monday Night RAW

Liv Morgan sits on the mountaintop of the Monday Night RAW’s women’s division as the new WWE Women’s World Champion. This also means she has the target on her back and the entire female roster is now gunning for her to get their hands on the prestigious championship.

The Miracle Kid hasn’t earned a fair victory over Becky Lynch, which leaves the door open for The Man to challenge Morgan for a rematch if she chooses to stay with the WWE. Moreover, challengers like Natalya, Shayna Baszler, and Sonya Deville could also rise to the occasion to fight Morgan. However, the most awaited match would be with Rhea Ripley when she returns to WWE. As remembered it was Liv Morgan who took her out of action to take her revenge, setting the stage for a future blockbuster encounter between the heated rivals.

What do you think will be the path for Liv Morgan as the new WWE Women’s World Champion? Share your thoughts in the comments!