Cody Rhodes Discusses Earning Respect in WWE at The Rock’s Expense

cody rhodes

Cody Rhodes has proven himself as a big-time asset for WWE in the modern era. With his impressive merchandise sales, WWE selling out shows headlined by him, and television ratings skyrocketing, Rhodes is on a momentum to become one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time.

Furthermore, The American Nightmare has gained massive respect from WWE fans with his spectacular performances both in and out of the ring. The two-time WWE Royal Rumble match winner has all the tools that a wrestler needs to ace to make it big in the wrestling industry. Moreover, he might have succeeded in all those aspects, but at the expense of his arch-rival, The Rock.

Cody Rhodes discusses earning respect at The Rock’s expense

Cody Rhodes made it very clear upon returning to WWE that his eyes were set on capturing the Undisputed WWE Championship. After coming up short at WrestleMania 39, Rhodes won the Royal Rumble match again this year to earn the right to challenge Roman Reigns for the title at WrestleMania 40. But this time, he had to go through both Roman Reigns and his iconic cousin, ‘The Rock’.

While speaking to Bully Ray and Dave LeGreca on the Busted Open Podcast, Rhodes revealed how he earned respect in the WWE at The Rock’s expense. The American Nightmare further explained that when The Rock made his return to the WWE, as popular as he is, the fans still chose to boo him, to root against him just o make sure Cody Rhodes gets his rightful opportunity at WrestleMania and that is when he realized that he is getting close to where he wanted to be in the wrestling industry.

“The most popular sports entertainer of all time one of the most recognizable people on planet Earth … and beloved worldwide, for him to come back and people make the choice to boo him and people make the choice to even chant Rocky sucks and there were people wearing Rock shirts that were chanting Rocky sucks, it’s the first time I’ve ver felt my place in the ring and realized oh I might be I might be getting close to where I want to be … I might … I might have clicked and connected with this audience that I think I’ve connected with I might have clicked and connected with them more than I even realized.”

Cody Rhodes has definitely made an indelible mark with the way he has connected with the majority of the WWE Universe all over the globe. Furthermore, The American Nightmare crediting his heated foe, The Rock for major part of his success describes his character filled with determination and gratitude making him the perfect babyface WWE star to lead the next generation as the face of the company.

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