Sonya Deville’s RAW Return: 3 Exciting Future WWE Scenarios

sonya deville

One of WWE’s most exciting superstars made their long-awaited return on this week’s Monday Night RAW after being on the sidelines due to an injury for over a year, Sonya Deville. The former WWE Women’s tag team champion suffered an ACL injury in a tag team match against Charlotte Flair and Bianca Belair last year in an edition of Friday Night SmackDown that took months off her career.

Sonya Deville has been one of the mainstays in the WWE Women’s division for the last seven years making her debut alongside Paige and Mandy Rose as part of a stable ‘Absolution’ on Monday Night RAW after Survivor Series 2017. The Pride Fighter of the WWE was on a roll when she suffered an unfortunate injury due to which she had to forfeit her WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles last year.

But now with Sonya back in the fold, let us take a look at three exciting scenarios for Sonya Deville’s run to WWE television programming:

1. Manager for Zoey Stark & Shayna Baszler

Sonya Deville made her return to the WWE on this week’s edition of Monday Night RAW in a backstage segment where the former member of the Fire and Desire confronted the dominant duo of Zoey Stark and Shayna Baszler who earned themselves an opportunity for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship later in the night.

The audience saw Deville walking up to Shayna and Zoey, potentially trying to form a working relationship with both of them. However, The Queen of Spades was not too keen to develop any alliance with her for now, but it might do wonders for them since they find themselves with a major opportunity to win the WWE Women’s Tag Titles and could use a force like Sonya Deville to their disposal.

2. Reunite with Chelsea Green on SmackDown

Sonya Deville witnessed major success in her WWE career when she aligned herself with Chelsea Green who returned in the WWE Women’s Royal Rumble match, 2023 and the duo went on to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship later in the year after defeating Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan.

Unfortunately for them, the partnership didn’t last long after winning the title as Sonya suffered an ACL injury which led to forfeiting the title and Chelsea had to find a new partner in Piper Niven. The return of Deville can see her aligning herself with Chelsea again to fight for the titles that Deville never lost, to begin with.

3. Pursue Singles Gold

Sonya Deville has established herself as one of the seasoned stars in the WWE. It has been almost nine years since Deville signed with the WWE and has shown throughout the years that she can excel in any role that the creatures will put her in, whether it is to be in a tag team, a general manager or to be a singles star.

However, one thing that is missing from Deville’s career that will further establish her as one of the top stars in the division is to win a singles championship in the WWE. Not only is Sonya long overdue for a singles title run, but WWE also finds itself with a very interesting historic opportunity with Sonya’s title run. The Pride Fighter is a very proud representative of the LGBTQ+ community and she has the chance to make history by becoming the first member of the community to win a major WWE Women’s Championship.

What do you think will be the best-case scenario for Sonya Deville’s return to the WWE? Share your thoughts in the comments!