WWE Clash at the Castle 2024 Predictions: Will Uncle Howdy Return?

wwe clash at the castle 2024,uncle howdy

WWE is set to host their third international Premium Live Event under the Paul “Triple H” Levesque, WWE Clash At The Castle 2024 in Glasgow, Scotland which will be headlined by a match for the WWE World Championship between the champion Damian Priest and the hometown hero Drew McIntyre.

Furthermore, WWE Clash At The Castle is making headlines among WWE fans for several reasons. However, another major reason the show is turning out to be a must-see extravaganza is the rumored return of Uncle Howdy at the event.

Let us look at three reasons that make the WWE Universe believe that the show will feature Uncle Howdy’s return:

1. Clue on the RAW Talk

WWE has been successful in creating the buzz for the return of Uncle Howdy after the company started dropping anonymous QR codes and glitch effects post-WrestleMania 40. All the signs have even pointed towards the impending return of former WWE Superstar Bo Dallas as Uncle Howdy.

However, the most interesting hint was dropped on the RAW Talk when the show’s opening was interrupted by a lengthy message from a mysterious face who concluded the message saying ‘Day of Reckoning was upon us’

2. Uncle Howdy returns with a Scottish native

WWE Clash at the Castle 2024 is set to emanate from Scotland on June 15th, 2024 at the OVO Hydro. The show is heavily rumored for the return of Uncle Howdy and his dark force, being called the Wyatt 6 as per the recent rumors and QR codes that have been circulating on all of the WWE television programming.

Moreover, the faction is speculated to feature some underutilized WWE Superstars and interestingly one of the names that have been making the rounds to return as part of the faction is Scotland’s own Nikki Cross. Nikki Cross’s association with the group along with the event taking place in Scotland adds more fuel to the fire over the rumors of Howdy’s return at WWE Clash at the Castle.

3. PLE stage for a huge impact upon return

Uncle Howdy’s rumored resurgence is one of the most highly anticipated returns that WWE Universe has been buzzing about in recent memory. With the mysterious QR codes and glitches that have taken over the WWE television programming, the mystery has added major intrigue and hooked the fans like no other.

WWE Clash at the Castle will exactly give WWE the stage that Uncle Howdy’s return would need to make a huge impact upon his arrival since the show promises a very vocal sold-out crowd in Scotland. As per the reports from various journalists, WWE Universe is set for a huge show on June 15th, and can also expect Howdy to make an appearance on the show to create an unforgettable memory for the fans in the arena.

What are your thoughts on the chances for Uncle Howdy to make an appearance at WWE Clash at the Castle 2024? Share your thoughts in the comments!