Cody Rhodes’s LeBron James Comparison: A Look at His WWE Earnings

cody rhodes

Cody Rhodes has become one of the most popular stars in WWE in the modern era, fresh off the heels of his historic victory at WrestleMania 40 over The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns. The American Nightmare is proving himself as the most marketable superstar in WWE after racking up record-breaking merchandise sales and financial profits that WWE has gained upon making Rhodes the golden boy of the global juggernaut.

Moreover, being the top star in the biggest wrestling promotion in the entire world means big-time earnings on the contract that a superstar works upon, and recently Cody Rhodes weighed in on his potential earnings in the WWE by drawing a huge comparison.

Cody Rhodes’ LeBron James Comparison Over His WWE Earnings

The current Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes has been leading WWE in a new era. Carrying such expectations on his shoulders, Cody Rhodes is performing exceptionally well as a solid representative for the WWE in the absence of the former top star, RomanReigns.

Cody Rhodes was a special guest on popular MMA host Ariel Helwani’s podcast, ‘The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani‘, where he compared his WWE earnings to a legendary basketball player, Lebron James after signing a new deal with WWE recently that is surely indicative of the fact that he commands a huge financial standing in the business.

“That would put me in a great spot by the end of it how many years does that deal for I Can’t Tell You Why is that why is everyone so shy to say the years. [I’m ask you how much I’m just asking how many years] I can’t tell you how much either well [I wouldn’t ask I wouldn’t dare how much you think it is um 20 milI]. I like to consider myself the well now I can’t say this joke anymore I was going to say I want to consider myself the Otani of sports entertainment but he’s in trouble right now right yeah you don’t want doing it whose else is really highly paid um I mean LeBron James.”

Cody Rhodes has mentioned in multiple interviews that he is focused on becoming the most profitable WWE Champion that this company has ever seen and is working towards surpassing Roman Reigns’ title run at the moment. Speaking of his title run, Cody Rhodes is expected to face AJ Styles at WWE Clash at the Castle in a blockbuster rematch following a vicious attack from The Phenomenal One at last week’s Friday Night SmackDown.

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