Uncle Howdy vs Bray Wyatt: The Unexpected WWE Main Roster Showdown

uncle howdy

Bray Wyatt, alongside his brother, Uncle Howdy (also known as Bo Dallas) is known to be two of the most captivating and the most creative WWE superstars of this generation. In the case of Bray, the moment he debuted on the main roster, The Eater of Worlds made an indelible impression on the WWE Universe through the mysterious ways he used to capture the attention of the fans.

Whether it was leading the Wyatt Family with the members Erick Rowan, Braun Strowman, and Luke Harper or terrorizing the WWE Universe after returning to WWE television programming as The Fiend and aligning himself with Alexa Bliss, Wyatt had a memorable career in WWE. But unknown to many fans, Bray actually went one-on-one with his brother who is yet to re-emerge in WWE as Uncle Howdy.

When Bray Wyatt wrestled Bo Dallas in the world’s most famous arena?

Much like Bray Wyatt, his brother, Bo Dallas has also performed in the WWE and has his fair share of memorable moments in the company. Moreover, he is rumored to return to the company as Uncle Howdy following the culmination of the ongoing mysterious QR code storyline.

Recently, one of the users on the social media platform, X shared a throwback video and a few photos of a SmackDown dark match from 2019 which took place at Madison Square Garden. Interstingly, on that show, Bray Wyatt under his Fiend gimmick decimated his brother, Bo Dallas, and Curtis Axel in front of an enthralling WWE audience.

Sadly, Bray Wyatt passed away last year, but his legacy remains intact in the hearts of the WWE Universe. However, his brother, Bo Dallas is expected to make his return to the WWE as Uncle Hwody to honor the legacy of his late brother and carry it forward.

Nonetheless, fans are very excited about the return of Uncle Howdy, and it certainly would be exciting to see how the return will unfold on the WWE television programming.

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