Cody Rhodes Reveals Stunning Truth About WWE’s Attitude Era

cody rhodes

Cody Rhodes has established himself as the biggest babyface of the modern era in WWE after defeating The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania 40. The thunderous ovations that follow The American Nightmare in every arena he performs that is the mere proof of Rhodes being the true face of the Renaissance era.

Cody Rhodes has always been a student of the game and has been a fan of WWE’s infamous Attitude Era from which The Prodigal Son has gained multiple insights for his character. Moreover, one of the reasons Rhodes has a tight hold on all those factors like connecting with the crowds, in-ring prowess, and microphone has skyrocketed his popularity and molded him into a Megastar in this business. But, recently, Cody Rhodes also spoke about some shocking facts about the attitude era which he loved.

Cody Rhodes reveals stunning facts about the Attitude era

Cody Rhodes has always appreciated his peers who have performed during the Attitude Era. Furthermore, The current Undisputed WWE Champion admitted to learning a lot about the wrestling business by studying and watching the Attitude Era.

During a recent conversation with Dave LeGreca and the WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray on their podcast ‘Busted Open’, Cody Rhodes revealed a surprising fact about the Attitude Era. Rhodes stated that the beauty of the Attitude Era was in the fact that they always had such electrifying crowds that even the lowest guy on the card used to get huge pops from the audience which is a rarity nowadays.

“If you look at the Attitude Era everybody was over to the point that the lowest guy on the card was coming out to get a big big big Pop.”

Cody Rhodes has definitely benefitted from his learnings watching the Attitude Era, which has helped him to become a main event caliber talent and potentially, the next face of WWE. Furthermore, in his next quest as a fighting champion, Cody Rhodes is expected to once again battle AJ Styles at WWE Clash at the Castle as he would look for retribution on the Phenomenal One after the events that transpired on this week’s Friday Night SmackDown.

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