Liv Morgan vs. Rhea Ripley: 3 Predictions for Future Showdown Involving Dominik Mysterio

liv morgan

Liv Morgan continues to remain the focal point of WWE television in recent memory. Following her passionate and stunning kiss with Dominik Mysterio on RAW last week, who happens to be the beloved of her rival, Rhea Ripley, she continued her mind games on the latest edition of RAW.

From making advances towards Dominik Mysterio to becoming his shield and protecting him from The Monster Braun Strowman and stalking his entire social media, Liv is seemingly inching close to snatching everything beloved to her foe, Rhea Ripley who is currently recuperating from injury caused by the hands of Morgan herself a few weeks ago.

With a future and inevitable showdown between Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley bound to happen, here are the top three predictions for the match involving Dominik Mysterio in the fold:

1. Custody of Dominik Mysterio ladder match

As a young child, Dominik Mysterio saw his father and storyline father, Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero respectively compete in a ladder match at WWE SummerSlam 2005 for his custody. While it started as a hilarious talk on social media, nostalgia can turn into reality in the modern era.

Following the return of Rhea Ripley, it is given that she would come after Liv Morgan who has snatched everything she loved including the WWE Women’s World Title and possibly, Dominik as well. This could see Mami challenge Morgan to put both the allegiance of Dominik and the title on the line at the same event this year in Cleveland, Ohio in a high-stakes ladder to culminate their rivalry.

2. No Holds Barred match

The bad blood between Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan has been prevalent since the last year. First, it was Rhea who put Liv on the shelf with an injury and Morgan returned the favor by doing the same. However, that led to Ripley’s WWE Women’s World Championship reign coming to an end.

Moreover, Rhea Ripley promised that she would be coming for blood upon her return indicating that she would unhinged in her expected showdown with Liv Morgan upon her return. This could see WWE sanction a ‘No Holds Barred match’ between Morgan and Ripley which could possibly become one of the most physically battering bouts in the history of the company.

3. Dominik Mysterio chooses Liv Morgan

In the absence of Rhea Ripley, Liv Morgan has been evidently expressing her attraction towards Dominik Mysterio. That began with their unexpected kiss and was followed by the events of the latest episode of Monday Night RAW and social media by Morgan’s antics.

While Dominik Mysterio seemingly has been refusing her advances, the next few months could see him finally give him to Liv Morgan. In the inevitable showdown between Liv and Rhea, Dominik Mysterio could shock the world by choosing Morgan over his Mami in one of the most stunning moments in WWE history and berating Ripley, leaving her alone and giving Liv Morgan the ultimate win over her rival.

What are your predictions for the Liv Morgan vs Rhea Ripley match that is bound to happen in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments!

3. Dominik Mysterio chooses his Liv Morgan