Liv Morgan Arrest Footage Released by Law & Crime


Liv Morgan kickstarted her ‘Liv Morgan Revenge Tour’ by taking out the former WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley after a vicious assault backstage that further resulted in a shoulder injury and will now keep Mami on the shelf for months.

Furthermore, Liv Morgan has her eyes set on winning the WWE Women’s World Championship from The Man, Becky Lynch, with whom she is set to battle at the WWE Premium Live Event, King and Queen of the Ring in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on May 25th, 2024.

However, The Revenge Tour is not the only thing that is keeping Morgan in the headlines, as the topic of former arrest last year has resurfaced once again on social media with actual footage.

How did the Liv Morgan arrest footage come out on social media?

Last year in December, Liv Morgan landed into some legal trouble. As per publicly available arrest records, the former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion was taken into custody in Florida for possession of illegal substances, namely marijuana.

The former Money In The Bank winner got arrested when a sheriff’s deputy observed the yellow jeep she was driving, crossing the delineation lines of a county road. However, a video released on the series Law and Crime showcases bodycam footage obtained from the incident.

The video showcases the sheriff stopping Morgan after noticing her driving while trying to get past her. Upon questioning, a vap is found in her car alongside Morgan admitting to possessing Marijuana, but not taking it. The cop went ahead and started reading The Mircale Kid’s journal which contained many of her dreams and aspirations, and recognized her as a WWE Superstar.

The former member of the Riott Squad was released on bail later that night and went on to return to the WWE in the 2024 Women’s Royal Rumble match following the incident and a brief hiatus. While the past incident resurfaced once again, Morgan seems laser focused on regaining the Women’s Championship and WWE King and Queen of the Ring could the moment she has been waiting for months now.

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