5 Becky Lynch Dream Matches in WWE in 2024

becky lynch

Becky Lynch is arguably one of the greatest WWE superstars ever, bar none. The Man has established herself as one of the most iconic figures in the rich history of the wrestling industry and became the first woman to win the main event of WrestleMania back in 2019.

The Man has taken her WWE career by storm, winning multiple championships in the process, and headlining multiple WWE PLEs. She has many memorable feuds and matches in her WWE career and feuding with Lynch at this point of her legendary career is nothing less than winning a title in WWE for any woman in the company.

Here are the 5 dream opponents for Becky Lynch in 2024 who can tear the house down with The Man

1. Candice Lerae ascends at the expense of Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch is known for fighting for air time for incredibly talented women who do not get opportunities to showcase their abilities. The Man previously did that when she was the NXT Women’s Champion and she can do it again with Candice Lerae. Fans have been longing for an opportunity for the Poison Pixie to showcase what she is all about in the ring for quite some time now.

Candice Lerae has showcased her talent back in NXT and has earned the respect of fans from her Indie run. While her glorious past has not gotten any opportunity to showcase her talent ever since she returned to the WWE, a match with a star-caliber like Becky is all she needs to put her on the WWE map.

2. Piper Niven chases Big Time Becks

Previously known as Doudrop to many WWE fans, Piper Niven is a force to be reckoned with. She made a name for herself on the independent circuit and signed with WWE after her terrific performance in the Mae Young Classic. Piper went on to sign with NXT UK and ever since then, she has been fighting to showcase her worth to the fans and the officials.

Piper Niven has won the WWE Women’s Tag Team championship in the past, but a singles title win in her WWE career could cement her legacy. Becky Lynch won the WWE Women’s World Title this past Monday on WWE RAW and she eliminated Piper in the process. Now a match with The Man for the title can elevate Niven’s career to new heights.

3. The Man vs The Prodigy

The current WWE NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez has made it clear in multiple interviews that Becky Lynch is her dream opponent on the main roster. The Prodigy has already seen a lot of success in NXT as she has already been a two-time NXT Women’s Champion.

With the WWE draft looming on the surface, Roxanne is one of the hot favorites to make a jump from the NXT to the main roster and what better way to start than to go after the biggest star of the division and the champ herself, The Man Becky Lynch.

4. The Storm invades The Man’s territory

Jade Cargill has been riding a wave of momentum ever since she debuted in WWE. From her strong showing in Royal Rumble to her dominant victory at WrestleMania over Damage CTRL, WWE has made it clear that they see Cargill as one of the biggest stars of this generation.


Fans have been clamoring for many dream matches for Jade Cargill and one of the top names that comes in everyone’s mind is Becky Lynch. Becky has made a star out of the likes of Tiffany Stratton and Lyra when she faced them last year and she will leave no stone unturned to make Jade look like the superstar that she is.

5. Liv Morgan cements her legacy at the expense of Becky Lynch

The Miracle Kid of WWE, Liv Morgan, has seen a fair share of success in her WWE career already. She has won the Smackdown Women’s Title, Tag Team titles, and Money in the Bank in the past. But Liv still needs that one defining moment that further can establish her as a main event star in the company.

Furthermore, fans were upset that Liv didn’t win the Women’s World Title in the Battle Royal that happened on the last edition of WWE RAW with The Man Becky Lynch managing to capture the title. This gives the company a golden opportunity to insert Liv into the title picture and finally beat Lynch to clinch the championship and end her revenge tour to solidify herself as a main-eventer.

Which Becky Lynch dream match you are looking forward to most? Share your thoughts in the comments.