Becky Lynch Reveals Genuine Thoughts on Ronda Rousey Refusing Original Match Finish at Wrestlemania 35

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Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Ronda Rousey made history back in 2019 when they became the first trio of females to ever headline The Showcase of the Immortals “WrestleMania”. The Man and The Baddest Woman on the planet were embroiled in a heated feud during the buildup to the historic event.

The highly anticipated match concluded when Becky Lynch crucifix pinned Ronda Rousey and won both the RAW and SMACKDOWN Women’s Championships. After this victory, The Man became the first and only woman to hold both the Women’s Championships simultaneously.

Becky recently launched her book: “The Man: Not Your Average Average Girl,” in which she shared her in-depth experience of the match and also revealing it in the process that the original plan called for Ronda Rousey to tap out to Becky Lynch’s submission, but she refused to do so.

What did Becky Lynch have to say about WrestleMania 35 finish?

During her recent appearance on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Becky Lynch revealed that the pitch was proposed by popular WWE producer, TJ Wilson, suggesting that The Man would put The Rowdy One in Dis-arm-her and Rousey would appear on the verge of tapping out.

However, while rehearsing the match, Rousey refused to do so since she felt her mother might dislike the finish if she were close to tapping out as Ronda has never tapped out in her career. The entire team along with Becky Lynch acknowledged and respected her decision.

That was the creative laid out. She had, her driver had taken her to the wrong spot, so she showed up like an hour…we had been talking through stuff. TJ Wilson, our producer, an amazing producer, he was like, ‘Maybe you have Ronda in armbar, she looks like she’s about to tap out,’ Ronda comes and we tell her the creative, ‘You’re almost about to tap out.’ ‘My mom wouldn’t look me in the eye or talk to me again if I looked like I was about to tap out.’ ‘Alright, well, she’s probably not going to tap out on the finish then.’ She never tapped out in her career. Understood it, respected it, and moved on quickly. I was going to win, I was going to win two titles in the main event of WrestleMania. It was not a big deal whether she tapped out or not. I was winning and she was doing the honors.”

Credits: Ringside News

Becky Lynch, however, still managed to get the victory and made history as she became the first woman to win the main event of WrestleMania and Ronda Rousey took the pin. While she has moved on further in her career, the monumental win at WrestleMania 35 will always hold a special place in her heart.

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