4 Roman Reigns WWE Dream Matches Left

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns has surpassed possibly every World Champion in the last 40 years that we have seen in the past in terms of popularity and captivating presence. His run as The Tribal Chief has defined an era of WWE and is one for the history books to remember. Reigns can be quoted as the ultimate ruler and greatest Megastar of WWE’s modern era.

The Head of the Table has some of the most memorable feuds in recent memory and has his fair share of blockbuster showdowns under his belt. Moreover, Roman Reigns has more WrestleMania main events in his resume than anyone else in the rich history of WWE. But there are still some of the dream matches that are yet to happen for The Tribal Chief.

Let’s take a look at 4 Roman Reigns dream matches that are still left in WWE:

1. The Rock vs Roman Reigns WrestleMania Dream Showdown

The People’s Champion and The Tribal Chief teamed up together to take down the fierce duo of Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 40 Saturday. The Rock left no stone unturned to make their match and their story the biggest highlight and talking point of the Showcase of the Immortals.

Even though Reigns and The Rock aligned together to strengthen the Bloodline, but original plans called for The Final Boss and The Tribal Chief to collide in the biggest dream match of all time in the main event of WrestleMania 40. Even though fans did not get that match at WrestleMania, whenever that match happens, it will go down as one of the biggest marquee matches in the history of WWE.

2. The Tribal Chief vs The Ring General

GUNTHER has established himself as one of the most legitimate and toughest WWE Superstars of this generation. The Ring General had a historic and longest-reigning WWE Intercontinental Title run and has further solidified himself as a main event-level WWE Superstar.

One of the biggest dream matches that fans have been patiently waiting on ever since Gunther joined WWE, is against The Tribal Chief himself, Roman Reigns. The battle of two behemoths will tear the house down without any doubt and will further cement Gunther as a megastar, much on the level of Roman Reigns himself.

3. The Best in The World vs The Head of the Table

CM Punk has been a highlight for WWE ever since he returned to the global juggernaut last year at WWE Survivor Series PLE. The Best In The World is one of the most popular professional wrestlers of all time and a match against the most dominant Champion of the modern era, Roman Reigns is something the fans would be delighted to see.

A potential match between CM Punk and Roman Reigns screams WrestleMania main event and is perceived as a dream match that fans have been waiting on for so many years now which could emerge as a blockbuster hit.

4. Generational Talent Collide in Dream Match

WWE Universe has very high expectations from Bron Breakker who recently drafted to Monday Night RAW in the WWE Draft 2024. The Powerhouse of NXT is known for his unmatched athleticism and in-ring skills. Moreover, the former NXT World champion has already impressed WWE fans with his incredible performances against the likes of stars like Dolph Ziggler and in squash matches.

Furthermore, many fans believe Bron Breakker is the future face of WWE citing his incredible in-ring acumen, undeniable charisma, and great presence entering into Roman Reigns’ world on the main roster. Moreover, both come from popular wrestling families. So a match between former The Big Dog and The Wolf Dog of NXT is destined to happen in the near future, with expectations of a highly enthralling showdown.

Which Roman Reigns dream match you are excited to watch the most? Share your thoughts in the comments.