4 WWE Dream Matches for AJ Styles

AJ Styles

AJ Styles has emerged to be one of the most remarkable and talented in-ring legends of all time. The kid from Gainsville, Georgia busted on the scene years ago and made himself into one of the biggest professional wrestling stars with a resume of over two decades with multiple championships and accolades.

After marking his mark all over the world, Styles was signed by WWE in 2016 and since then, he has delivered exceptional in-ring performances against some of the biggest stars like John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns. With The Phenomenal One’s career winding up his illustrious career as he revealed, Styles had a few dream showdowns left in the global juggernaut today with one taking place against the Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes next week at WWE Backlash France.

Here are the top 4 AJ Styles dream matches in WWE that can mesmerize the audience in the new era of the company:

1. The Best in the World vs The Phenomenal One

CM Punk and AJ Styles have gone down a similar path on the road to becoming legends in the world of professional wrestling. Moreover, the two have even squared off against each other in Ring of Honor with their last encounter being in 2004. Since then, the two top stars have not stood across from each other inside the ring.

With CM Punk making his return to WWE last November and AJ Styles being one of the prime fixtures on WWE’s television programming, WWE could finally pull the trigger on this epic dream showdown pitting The Best in the World against The Phenomenal One at a major WWE PLE.

2. Logan Paul Battles Another Top Star in AJ Styles

WWE has seen the rise of one of the biggest social media stars in the hardcore wrestling landscape, Logan Paul. The Maverick has become one of the most popular stars in a short span of time and has already battled top stars like Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Rey Mysterio and even clinched the WWE United States Championship as well.

The PRIME owner could add another top-caliber match to his young WWE career stepping inside the squared circle against one of the most technically gifted athletes, AJ Styles. The Phenomenal One battling The Maverick could be one of the most enthralling matches witnessed by the company at a major stage.

3. Bron Breakker and Styles Collide with History Behind Them

AJ Styles has a small history with Bron Breakker’s household in the past during his TNA tenure. The former WWE Champion delivered a spectacular in-ring bout against Breakker’s legendary Scott Steiner in 2009 and multiple other tag team matches pitting himself and The Big Poppa Pump.

With the Wolf Dog of WWE NXT now a part of the main roster, he and Styles could finally meet for a one-on-one encounter in a WWE ring with AJ’s second bout with the member of the Steiner family.

4. Carmelo Hayes Takes Revenge For His Moment Overshadowed

One of the top NXT standouts, Carmelo Hayes has proven to be a top prospect for the WWE. The former NXT champion has beaten the likes of multiple stars in NXT and recently delivered a jaw-dropping performance against The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes on the first night of the 2024 WWE Draft where he was selected in the first round.

Despite coming up short, Hayes was applauded for his performance against the flagship star, Cody Rhodes. Moreover, he even witnessed Cody’s upcoming opponent for WWE Backlash France, AJ Styles confronting him at the end of the bout, which he could see as his moment being overshadowed. WWE could use these early seeds planted to set up a future dream match between the dynamic Carmelo Hayes and the veteran AJ Styles.

Which AJ Styles dream matches in WWE are you most looking forward to? Share your thoughts in the comments!