Cody Rhodes Fuels Possibility of a Future In-Ring Showdown With the Rock

cody rhodes,the rock

Cody Rhodes has changed the landscape of WWE as he finally dethroned Roman Reigns and ended his historic 1316-day reign to become the new WWE Undisputed Champion in the main event of WrestleMania 40. The American Nightmare has established himself as the face of the wrestling juggernaut as he sits on the top of the mountain.

The Prodigal Son has many dream feuds lined up in front of him as he is the champion now, but the biggest match that The American Nightmare can have is an epic showdown with The Final Boss himself, The Rock.

What did Cody Rhodes say about a possible match with The Rock?

Cody Rhodes recently joined Peter Rosenberg on his podcast, Rosenberg Wrestling where the current WWE Undisputed Champion discussed his WrestleMania 40 main event victory and fueled the possibility of a future showdown with The Rock after their embroiled rivalry on the road to WrestleMania 40.

The American Nightmare stated that he has eyes on exacting his revenge against The Rock for pinning him clean in the center of the ring in the main event of WrestleMania Saturday where he teamed with Seth Rollins against The Rock and Roman Reigns.

“I can’t forget that on Saturday this guy beat me one two three clean as a sheet in the center of the ring and uh Peter you know I I don’t I don’t often appear this way but I’m fairly petty when it comes to wanting my win back get to that later too about that later yeah so so a lot of a lot of respect uh and uh I would hope uh who knows you know who knows clearly to I if he hated me I would fully understand uh I derailed one plan created another plan but uh the final boss is certainly a welcome addition to WWE.”

The American Nightmare is ready to take on The People’s Champion when he decides to come back. For now, Cody Rhodes is set to defend his coveted WWE Undisputed World Title at WWE Backlash in France against AJ Styles in a dream match that would surely prove to be a blockbuster encounter.

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