Triple H Proclaims ‘The Story Never Ends in WWE’ Citing Cody Rhodes’ Narrative

cody rhodes

Cody Rhodes returned to WWE in 2022 at WrestleMania 38 when he faced Seth Rollins as a surprise opponent at The Show of Shows. His major focus upon his return was to “Finish The Story” which was to win the Undisputed WWE title, a championship that his father, The Late Great Dusty Rhodes never won.

The Prodigal Son finally concluded his story in a glorious moment at WrestleMania 40 two years later by not only winning the highly prestigious Undisputed WWE title but also ending the most historic title reign of the modern era set by Roman Reigns. Witnessing his rise, The American Nightmare is one of the most remarkable Babyface runs in the history of sports entertainment.

What does Triple H mean by “The Story never ends in WWE” in regards to Cody Rhodes?

WWE CCO Paul “Triple H” Levesque and Cody Rhodes joined XSpaces on X to touch base on various topics prevalent in regard to WWE. In the media interview, The Game specifically stated how The Prodigal’s return primarily was based on him “finishing his story” where he finally achieved his lifelong dream of clinching a World Title, but Triple H also emphasized the fact that in WWE, the story never ends. It only means the end of a chapter to see the beginning of the next one in the same story.

“In WWE story never ends, it’s always just you know next chapter so when WrestleMania finishes and Cody finally achieves his lifelong dream of holding the title that his dad never held, umm, it’s just the start,it is the end and the start, you know at the same time.”

Moreover, the fans have been very excited about Cody Rhodes’s journey now since there are ample amount of opportunities that WWE has with The Prodigal Son. It is interesting to see which route WWE will choose to go with Cody since he has finally finished his story and embarked on his next journey or shall we say ‘a new story.’

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