Roman Reigns Return: 4 Bookings for The Tribal Chief’s Comeback

roman reigns

Roman Reigns has cemented himself as one of the biggest WWE superstars of all time. The legacy of The Tribal Chief has been defined by his exceptional presence, star power, and most importantly, his 1,316-day reign as the Undisputed WWE Champion. However, the era of the Roman Empire came to its shocking demise at the hands of Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 40 who completed his quest to ‘Finish The Story’ and take the title from Roman Reigns.

Since that fateful night, The Head of the Table has taken a hiatus from WWE’s televised programming for the unforeseen future. Moreover, things have completely changed with his Bloodline under new leadership, and no communication with his Wiseman Paul Heyman, as he revealed on SmackDown this week who has been possibly plotting some sinister plan of his own.

With a new WWE landscape upon us, here are 4 ways to book the grand comeback of Roman Reigns when he makes his WWE return after extended absence:

1. The Final Chapter of the Roman Reigns Cody Rhodes Rivalry

A logical booking would call for Roman Reigns to pick up business right where he left it off by going after the man who destroyed his Island of Relevancy to build his own Kingdom, Cody Rhodes who became the new Undisputed WWE Champion at WrestleMania 40. Reigns could return and decimate Rhodes and challenge him to another match for ‘his championship.’

With both mean having one victory over each other at the last two WrestleManias, the rubber match for the Undisputed WWE Championship could see the culmination of this historic rivalry and see the better man reign supreme over the other.

2. Monday Night RAW, Acknowledge Him

Ever since Roman Reigns made his resurgence to WWE in 2020 with his Tribal Chief persona, he has been a mainstay for Friday Night SmackDown. With everything conquered on the blue brand, WWE can give a fresh direction to his character by making him the top asset for their flagship show, Monday Night RAW.

Roman Reigns becoming the newest RAW superstar would open the door to new rivalries, more dream bouts, and even a chance to see a remarkable rivalry with his arch-rival, Seth Rollins renewed. This tenure would also allow Reigns to take RAW to unprecedented heights much like he did with SmackDown in the last four years.

3. Another Lengthy Title Reign for Roman Reigns

After an exceptional run as the Undisputed WWE Champion, Roman Reigns could eye to clinch the title he is yet to win, i.e. RAW’s World Heavyweight Championship. The championship has been away from his sights during his tenure on SmackDown, but his return could change the WWE narrative completely on the red brand.

The title could fall under siege in The Tribal Chief’s grasp to start another potentially lengthy title reign, something the fans have loved despite his limited appearance, and make the relatively new WWE World Title more credible.

4. The Biggest Bloodline Civil War

Much like Roman Reigns, his cousin, The Rock also took a hiatus from WWE after WrestleMania 40. As mentioned, The Bloodline now has Solo Sikoa take the reins of the stable, expelling Jimmy Uso and adding Tama Tonga. Moreover, another Anoa’i family member, Jacob Fatu who signed with WWE recently could join those ranks.

This could be revealed as the bigger plan of The Final Boss, The Rock who already teased a future showdown in WWE, taking matters into his own hands after Reigns’ WrestleMania loss. Therefore, Roman Reigns could return and recruit his cousins, Jey and Jimmy, The Usos to form a counterpart Bloodline, setting the tone for the biggest Civil War ever seen in WWE, with The Rock and Roman Reigns’ Bloodline engaging in a heated feud that could be a fresh chapter in the Bloodline storyline that remained relevant for years and lasted longer than one expected.

How do you think Roman Reigns’ return to WWE will be booked in the new era of the company? Share your thoughts in the comments!