The Undertaker Discloses Simple Approach That Made Roman Reigns’ 1316 Day Title Reign Historic

Roman Reigns,1316 Day Title Reign

Roman Reigns had one of the most remarkable runs as the Undisputed WWE Champion, a title reign that lasted well over 4 years. His run as The Tribal Chief in The Bloodline has defined an era of its own in WWE. No superstar has been able to compare themselves with the kind of presence that Roman holds in a WWE ring.

Furthermore, WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker is a legend of this game and there are very few people who can claim that they have lived this business quite like The Phenom. He shared some of his thoughts a few days back in one of his interviews where he told what exactly made Roman’s run as the unbeatable champion so historic.

What is the reason that Undertaker believes that made Roman Reign’s title run so historic?

Undertaker recently on an episode of his podcast, “Six Feet Under” discussed the business in depth. One of the topics that they covered was Roman’s historic run as the champion that lasted for over 1,316 days only to end at the hands of American Nightmare Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 40.

The Phenom revealed that Roman Reigns not appearing on a regular basis as champion was one of the key elements that made his reign remarkable, adding a unique layer as the dominant title holder. Moreover, he further applauded Paul Heyman for carrying the narrative in his absence which drove the element to its full potential and made Reigns a special attraction.

“You know we talked about it a couple weeks ago with Roman’s run I mean it’s and I think too that kind of goes back to not putting yourself out there every week which helped Roman yeah right um so you know being able to be judicious with your appearances and make people mad is that that was one of the key things to make people mad he doesn’t defend the title he doesn’t do that it’s just another part of being I’m the champ I do what I want when I want how I want that’s what he told right this is my show right I mean it’s just it’s good and and it worked right and you got you got Paul heon who can cut the promos and does he can be there every week and piss people off cuz he’s there and the Champs not yeah and piss them off in a good way um so I as a fan now it’s it’s exciting to see uh just the different uh you know the different ways they can go.”

With Tribal Chief currently on hiatus, we will have to wait and see what unfolds next for Roman Reigns once he makes his return to WWE and the fans could possibly see him rise to the occasion once again as the dominant and undefeatable champion.

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