WWE Night Of Champions Live Results: Seth Rollins Is The New World Heavyweight Champion

wwe night of champions live results

WWE Night of Champions 2023 was the night for one top WWE superstar to reign as a new World champion. And that man is none other than Seth “Freakin” Rollins. The highly anticipated showdown ended with The Visionary pinning AJ Styles’ shoulders to the mat and becoming the first-ever World Heavyweight Champion.

wwe night of champions live results

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The classic wrestling encounter showed punches, maneuvers and high-flying action delivered back and forth. Moreover, Rollins even tweaked his knee during his suicide attempt at one spot of the match, putting him at a huge disadvantage. AJ even exploited the spot, putting Rollins in the Calf Crusher.

Rollins managed to survive AJ’s attempt at putting him down, however, found himself at the receiving end of a Pedigree. This was a move from Rollins’ arsenal delivered on him, but he managed to kick out in a very close pinfall. As Styles was looking to end things with a Phenomenal Forearm, Seth used the injured leg to hit a superkick.

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Seth was about to go for the Stomp only for his knee to buckle. Still, he managed to get back on his feet and go for another attempt, connecting it this time and pinning AJ Styles to win the new World Heavyweight Championship.

wwe night of champions live results

Making it more special was Triple H, who crowned Rollins with the new title, signaling that change is indeed here in WWE.

Seth Rollins & AJ Styles Fought Their Way to Saudi Arabia : WWE Night Of Champions Live Results

wwe night of champions live results

Seth Rollins and AJ Styles found their way to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, right after Triple H laid down the path for it. The Game unveiled the newly established World Heavyweight championship a few weeks ago on RAW. He brought it as a need of the hour to give the WWE Universe a fighting champion due to Roman Reigns’ part-time appearances.

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Rollins and Styles went through a handful of top-tier WWE talent in qualifying matches on RAW and SmackDown respectively to reach Saudi Arabia. While both athletes delivered a highly exciting showdown, considering their exceptional in-ring acumen, it was who reigned supreme in the end and etched his name in history forever as the first World Heavyweight Champion.

What is your take on this match? Are you happy that is the first-ever World Heavyweight Champion? Let us know in the comments!