WWE Night Of Champions Live Results: Trish Stratus Picks Up A Controversial Win Over Becky Lynch

wwe night of champions live results

The heated rivalry between two of the legendary WWE superstars of all time saw Trish Stratus put down Becky Lynch in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. After weeks of animosity, the WWE Hall of Famer picked up the win, but she did not do it with an unexpected surprise ally, freshly graduated from NXT.

wwe night of champions live results

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Trish Stratus unleashed her vicious side throughout the entire course of the match. She looked to be in great shape and went toe-to-toe with The Man. Becky Lynch combated Trish’s attack quite well, and did not show any signs of ring rust.

Becky Lynch hit Trish with her series of heavy artillery, but it was not enough to put the WWE Hall of Famer down for the count. But Becky also did not back down, even after taking a Chick Kick from Stratus. However, the biggest shocker came as Trish rolled outside the ring and underneath it. Lynch went on to check and she went back in the ring.

As Stratus had the referee distracted, new RAW star Zoey Stark suddenly emerged from beneath the ring to attack Lynch and toss her back in. This would give Trish the moment to score the pinfall and leave with Stark victorious.

Trish Stratus Had Tormented Becky Lynch Like No One Before :WWE Night Of Champions Live Results

wwe night of champions live results

Trish Stratus betrayed Becky Lynch a week after WrestleMania 39 and embraced her old roots of being a self-centered idol. She continued a tirade against The Man for weeks and weeks, even bringing her daughter into the mix of verbal shots. Becky Lynch finally came back after a short absence to put Trish in her place, leading up to WWE Universe witnessing this dream match at Night of Champions.

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Both top WWE superstars of the past and present tore down the house, but in the end, it was Trish Stratus who had her hand raised in victory in Saudi Arabia and potentially now, has a dangerous ally by her side in Zoey Stark.

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