Top 5 Roman Reigns Title Reign Matches

roman reigns title reign

Roman Reigns title reign made him the ultimate ruler of WWE and led him to hold the entire landscape under siege for a long time. After returning to WWE following a 6-month hiatus in 2020, Reigns debuted his new heel persona and things turned around for the better for the crowning jewel of the company.

roman reigns title reign

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The Head of the Table’s revamped persona helped him kick start, perhaps one of the greatest and longest championship reigns of all time. Moreover, Roman Reigns title reign saw him vanquish some of the best and top-tier talents in the business. Here are our picks for the top 5 Roman Reigns title reign matches.

5 Roman Reigns Title Reign Faced The Threat Of A Demon

roman reigns title reign

Finn Balor, much like Roman Reigns made a major career resurgence following his second stint in 2021. He came up on the main roster in 2022 and immediately inserted himself into the world title picture. His first opportunity as the Tribal Chief on SmackDown proved to be unsuccessful. So Balot turned to his Demon persona to combat the ruthless leader of the Bloodline.

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The duo met in the main event of WWE Extreme Rules 2022 in the name-sake stipulation match. The Demon seemed to have put down Reigns and rose to the top to plant the Coup De Grace. However, a mysterious accident caused the top rope to collapse alongside Finn Balor giving the Head of the Table the opening to finish him off and seal the victory to make sure Roman Reigns title reign remained secured.

4 The Alpha Male Of All Species’ First Attempt

roman reigns brock lesnar

Roman Reigns and his Wiseman, Paul Heyman were shocked to their core on seeing the return of his arch-rival and former client, Brock Lesnar at the end of WWE SummerSlam 2021. Debuting a completely new look yet the same aggression, Lesnar immediately made his intentions clear of wanting the WWE Universal title, held by Reigns.

The duo finally met in the main event of WWE Crown Jewel 2021. Moreover, this was the first bout that Heyman was not on Lesnar’s side as his advocate, but as special counsel for Roman Reigns. With a bunch of underhanded tactics, outside interference, and questionable loyalty of Heyman, Reigns smashed Lesnar with his title belt and hit the spear to secure a win over The Beast Incarnate.

3 On This Day…Reigns Capitalized On The Ultimate Opportunist

roman reigns edge

The one-on-one showdown between Roman Reigns and Edge was originally scheduled to happen at WrestleMania 37. However, Daniel Bryan’s addition to the main event derailed those plans for months, before it was made official for WWE Money in the Bank later that year.

The match proved to live up to the expectations of fans, who had been longing for the match ever since they first crossed paths at the 2020 Royal Rumble event. In the end, a timely interference by Seth Rollins gave Roman Reigns a chance to hit the spear and pick up the win over The Rated-R Superstar.

2 Roman Dismantles The Franchise Player For Good

roman reigns john cena

Roman Reigns’ celebration at WWE Money in the Bank 2021 was cut short by the grand return of The Face that Runs the Place, John Cena. After weeks of back and forths, the mega match between the former and current face of WWE was set in stone for the Biggest Party of the Summer.

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John Cena looked to dethrone the dominant Reigns to clinch his 17th World Championship, while Reigns was on a mission to send Cena back to Hollywood and lay full claim to his spot as the greatest attraction for WWE. A hard-fought battle and multiple counters later, Roman Reigns was able to put down the 16-time World Champion with a pair of spears and retain his WWE Universal Championship.

1 Roman Reigns Did Not Let Cody Rhodes “Finish The Story”

roman reigns title reign

The greatest threat to Roman Reigns’ nearly 1000-day reign as World Champion was undoubtedly The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes. He came back from injury and secured his main event championship match against The Tribal Chief by winning the 2023 Royal Rumble match at WrestleMania. Rhodes had the momentum and fans on his side and seemed adamant to “finish the story” with him as champion.

However, despite his best efforts and multiple near falls, Rhodes eventually fell to missed spots, outside interferences, and a Samoan Spike by Solo Sikoa. That was followed by a thunderous spear to put down the Prodigal Son, much to the disappointment of thousands in attendance and millions watching across the globe.

Who is your pick for the greatest championship match during Roman Reigns’ title reign? Is he the greatest World champion of all time? Sound off in the comments!