John Cena Should Battle These 5 WWE Stars Before Vanishing Back To Hollywood

john cena LA Knight

The ever-growing Universe of WWE fans were thrilled when John Cena was announced to return to SmackDown last week. However, their excitement skyrocketed to another level after learning that the 16-time WWE Champion would be sticking longer than expected.

john cena

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This would mark the first time in a long time that millions would get to see John Cena featured as a regular on WWE television programming. With his career winding up soon as said by Cena himself, fans are hoping to see him dance with some of the best WWE talent today. So who are those Top 5 main-event caliber superstars that deserve to share the ring with the Greatest of All Time?

5. John Cena Vs Drew McIntyre

john cena drew mcintyre

Drew McIntyre’s resurgence from an enhancement talent to a main event caliber star has been truly remarkable. However, the Scottish Warrior has found himself lost in the shuffle lately. With John Cena’s return, this could be an opportunity for Drew to regain the momentum by engulfing in a heated rivalry with the Franchise Player of WWE.

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Cena and McIntyre have thrown hands together in tag team action back some years ago, but are yet to square off in a one-on-one bout. So a match between these two stars would surely be a must-see experience for the loyal fanbase.

4. John Cena Vs Edge

John Cena Edge

The storied rivalry between John Cena and the Rated-R Superstar, Edge is one of the most memorable feuds in the history of the business. Moreover, ever since Edge’s comeback in 2020, many have wondered if the modern-era audience would get a chance to see two of the biggest WWE superstars of all time battle it out one last time.

Despite Edge hinting at his second retirement in Toronto lately, a final dance with the returning Cenation Leader could persuade him to come back. Furthermore, a showdown between Cena and Edge would prove to be a marquee attraction for any WWE show.

3. John Cena Vs Jey Uso

John Cena Jey Uso

Main-event Jey Uso returned to WWE programming at WWE Payback 2023, the same premium live event hosted by Mr. Hustle Loyalty and Respect himself, John Cena. The One who handed the dominant Roman Reigns his first pinfall loss in 3 years has been operating on an entirely different level, despite coming short in dethroning The Tribal Chief at SummerSlam for his Undisputed Title.

While Jey is a part of RAW now and Cena resides currently on SmackDown, that roadblock can easily be avoided by the higher-ups, should they look to book this blockbuster encounter. Main Event Jey and Big Match John could very well tear down the house and pull off a blockbuster encounter inside the squared circle.

2. John Cena Vs LA Knight

john cena LA Knight

While John Cena rode the wave of success in Hollywood, a Mega Star rose to the occasion to captivate the WWE audience like no other. His name is L-A-Knight Yeahhhhhhh !!! The former Max Dupri has emerged to become one of the most popular WWE superstars in recent memory, credited for amazing mic work, in-ring acumen, and special connection with the WWE Universe, everything that can be related to John Cena’s success in the company.

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The Cenation Leader had his first confrontation with the Mega Star when Cena made himself the special guest referee for LA Knight’s match with The Miz at WWE Payback. The night did not end with smiles when Cena and Knight faced off, indicating a potential feud during John’s extended stay on SmackDown.

1. John Cena Vs Cody Rhodes

john cena cody rhodes

It has been months since John Cena gave his personal endorsement to the superstar many believe is one of the marquee attractions of this generation, The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes. Dusty’s son has proven himself to be a significant fixture for Vince McMahon’s company ever since he came back at WrestleMania 38 last year.

John Cena has battled several top-tier superstars like Brock Lesnar, The Rock, and Roman Reigns, but the American Nightmare is omitted from his historic list of opponents. So Cena can use this long stay in WWE and add one more dream match to his resume, stepping inside the ring with Cody Rhodes at a major WWE show that would surely prove to be one of the greatest WWE matches of all time.

Which John Cena match do you want to see take place during his 2-month run on SmackDown? Smash away your thoughts in the comments!