Cody Rhodes Snuck Out of Production for Popular Series to Wrestle at Indie Show

cody rhodes

Cody Rhodes has become one of the most prominent figures in the modern era of WWE. Looking at all the tools that a WWE Superstar needs to excel in their respective careers, including, in-ring acumen, mic skills, and deep connection with the WWE Universe, it is safe to say The American Nightmare comes under the most iconic wrestling figures of all time.

The Prodigal Son reached the pinnacle of his growing WWE career when he defeated The Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns to become the new Undisputed WWE Champion at WrestleMania 40. His undying passion for wrestling that led him to ‘Finish The Story’ dates back to a long time due to which he once snuck out of an outside project.

When Cody Rhodes sneaked out of the production of a popular show to wrestle?

The American Nightmare made a guest appearance on the popular TV show, Arrow, years ago. Rhodes recently revealed a very adventurous story about one of the incidents during his filming days. In the response to a tweet on X, Cody stated that during season 5 of the popular show, he snuck out of Vancouver where he was filming for the show without even informing the production for an indie show where he wrestled Dijack and was praying not to get any bruises or a black eye post-match to his acting commitment.

“Technically… it was Special highlight for me was during the season 5 appearance, I snuck away from Vancouver without telling production for an indie where I wrestled @DijakWWE (Was just praying I didn’t get bruised or a black eye.”

Of course, Cody Rhodes’ appearance on the show translated into a rivalry with the main star, Stephen Amell and culminated in a one-on-one showdown with him at WWE SummerSlam in 2015 under his infamous Stardust gimmick.

Moving forward, Cody Rhodes is set to defend his Undisputed WWE Title against Logan Paul at WWE King of the Ring in a highly anticipated match at WWE’s upcoming PLE, King and Queen of the Ring.

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