Cody Rhodes Got Unexpected Dusty Rhodes Artifacts, Not the One He Was Hoping After His Passing

cody rhodes

Cody Rhodes is on the run of a lifetime right now after fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming a WWE Champion, a title that his dad, the late Dusty Rhodes never held, and “Finished his Story” when he defeated The Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania 40.

Since his title win, Cody Rhodes has been on the path to becoming a fighting champion as evidenced by his tough battle against The Phenomenal One, AJ Styles at WWE Backlash in France in front of a very vocal crowd. Recently, he also revealed an interesting anecdote in regard to his father, Dusty Rhodes.

The Prodigal Son got some unexpected Dusty Rhodes artifacts

Cody Rhodes is a true example of that perfect representation. The new Undisputed WWE Champion has been making sure to attend all the events, podcasts, and interviews ever since he captured the title and most recently he appeared on the Sports Illustrated podcast, “SI Media with Jimmy Traina”.

During the same appearance, The American Nightmare revealed that his father had a Rolex watch that has been much talked about in recent memory and a jubilee bracelet while he was growing up that he always wanted as a kid. When Dusty Rhodes passed away, he assumed that it was coming to him only to realize that he and his siblings would only get pocket knives and his cowboy stuff.

“The Rolex that my dad had growing up, the Jubilee bracelet and the whole deal I wanted it always wanted it assumed I would get it I used to go into his room and his jewelry dish and I put it on my wrist and it was far too big and uh when he passed away, I just assumed it was coming to me … then I thought oh you know that’s selfish to me, maybe it comes to Dustin you know Dustin or has deserves it just as much and then I found out none of us were getting it … we’re going to get pocket knives instead and and his cowboy stuff um because he had pawned it so that I could go to the Howard fine acting studio in LA and that was the cash he handed me.”

Cody Rhodes has kept those cowboy artifacts and pocket knives intact, citing the importance they held to him, but he would eventually get an almost similar Rolex by Triple H and Bruce Pichard after his WrestleMania 40 triumph. Rhodes is now set to face The United States Champion, Logan Paul at the upcoming WWE King and Queen of the Ring Premium Live Event in Saudi Arabia.

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