Cody Rhodes Dissects True Meaning of ‘Over’ in Wrestling Citing the Rock & John Cena

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Cody Rhodes made history on the fateful night of WrestleMania Sunday, April 7th, 2024 when he finally pinned The Tribal Chief to the three count to win the Undisputed WWE Championship in front of a sold-out crowd at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and “Finished his Story”.

The Prodigal Son has become a worldwide phenomenon and has truly adorned himself as the face of the WWE, along with the insane crowd reactions, and record merchandise sales, en route to establishing himself on the top of the mountain as WWE’s next flagship star.

Cody Rhodes dissected the true meaning of ‘Over’ from The Rock & John Cena

The American Nightmare has taken the wrestling world by storm and recently outlined the aspects to succeed as a successful wrestling star including in-ring acumen, promo delivery, and connection with the WWE Universe, everything that Cody Rhodes to cement his place as the top player of the game.

During an appearance on the Sports Illustrated podcast, Cody Rhodes shed light on the popular wrestling term ‘over’ prevalent in the business for years. He stated that legendary stars like John Cena and The Rock are over because of their magnanimous aura, fame, and star power that separates them from regular individuals and daily pleasures of life. Citing the modern era, Rhodes named Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns as his choices in the same conversation

I tell everybody you can ask all students at the Nightmare factory, I try to let them know like don’t use that word because nobody in this generation is over. Rock is over, Cena is over. Over means you cannot step outside your house, you cannot walk into an airport. I mean it sounds like sounds like hell but over is just where you have such an interest level and you’ve captured the imagination of the audience and and I feel like this generation Roman, Seth Rollins uh if there were guys who were over and or if there were guys who were close and I’m gonna go and said they were the former if there were guys who were over it was it’s those two .”

Cody Rhodes is well on his way to being up in the conversation with the likes of Cena and The Rock but on the other hand, he is also determined to become a fighting champion in the process. The Prodigal Son has successfully defeated The Phenomenal One, AJ Styles in an amazing showdown at WWE Backlash France and now is gearing up for a defense at the upcoming WWE King & Queen of the Ring PLE.

Following much speculation, it was revealed on this week’s edition of SmackDown that Cody Rhodes will put his title at stake against the current WWE United States Champion, Logan Paul at the aforementioned event.

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