4 Possible Cody Rhodes Challengers at WWE King and Queen of the Ring 2024

cody rhodes

Cody Rhodes etched his name in the WWE history books when he ended Roman Reigns’s 1316-day historic title run in the main event of WrestleMania 40. The American Nightmare fulfilled his lifelong dream of winning a WWE World Title and “Finish The Story” in the process.

Ever since winning the Undisputed WWE Championship, Cody Rhodes has been determined to become a fighting champion and has already successfully defended his Undisputed WWE title in a spectacular main event against AJ Styles at WWE Backlash in France.

With WWE set to host another PLE show, WWE King and Queen of the Ring in Saudi Arabia, let us take a look at 4 potential superstars who can challenge Cody for the Undisputed WWE Title at the next WWE Premium Live Event:

1. The clash of Legacy stablemates

Randy Orton is one of the most legendary names in the history of the wrestling world with a career spanning more than two decades already. Orton made his impending return to the WWE television programming at WWE Premium Live Event, Survivor Series last year, and is not looking to slow down anytime soon, working as a full-time performer.

Moreover, one of the matches that fans have been eagerly waiting to see ever since Cody Rhodes returned to WWE in 2022 is the dream showdown between The American Nightmare and The Apex Predator. Both Orton and Rhodes have a long history together dating back to 2009 when they used to be part of a stable called Legacy and Orton was showing him the ropes. Now after almost 15 years, a match between the former teammates will be one to watch with Orton possibly finding himself challenging Cody at WWE King and Queen of the Ring PLE.

2. Cody Rhodes vs AJ Styles- A rematch for the ages

AJ Styles and Cody Rhodes tore the house down when the two talented athletes squared off against each other in a dream match for the Undisputed WWE Title at WWE Backlash France in front of one of the most loudest and passionate WWE Universe fanbases.

Despite his loss against The American Nightmare, The Phenomenal One might not be done with The Prodigal Son yet and could once again challenge The American Nightmare to a rematch for the Undisputed WWE Title in Saudi Arabia in hopes of possibly capturing the gold this time.

3. The Prodigal Son encounters The Almighty

Bobby Lashley is one of the most respected veterans in WWE prevalent today. A former World Champion himself, The Almighty has been at the top of the WWE food chain and he would do anything necessary to get back right up there again. Bobby and his faction, The Pride were engaged in a feud with Karrion Kross’ Final Testament and now since both have been separated in the WWE Draft, Lashley can finally shift his focus on winning the top prize.

Bobby Lashley and Cody Rhodes is a matchup, which might not have been talked about much but has the potential to headline any WWE Premium Live Event. With two different wrestling styles, Lashley sounds like a credible threat for a first-time-ever showdown against Rhodes for the title at WWE King and Queen of the Ring PLE.

4. Shinsuke Naksamura can renew an old rivalry with Cody Rhodes

Shinsuke Nakamura is one of the most underrated WWE superstars of all time and has proven his ability inside a WWE ring time and time again. Despite his remarkable talent and multiple accolades, The King of Strong Style has yet to capture any World Title on the main roster which could change after finding himself on the same brand as his former rival, Cody Rhodes.

Furthermore, Cody Rhodes and Shinsuke Nakamura were involved in a heated rivalry last year where they delivered some exceptional matches together. This could see another top-caliber potential bout for the Undisputed WWE Title between the duo at WWE King and Queen of the Ring.

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