Cody Rhodes Proclaims $1.1 Billion Music Sensation Is in a ‘Risky Business’

cody rhodes

The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes has been a worldwide phenomenon with his endeavors in the wrestling business as one of the top WWE superstars of this generation. While Cody acknowledges the deal of hard work and talent required to succeed as a star in wrestling, he labeled another entertainment industry to be risky.

Being a part of professional wrestling requires the athlete to not only be a remarkable in-ring talent but succeed in other aspects as well such as promo delivery, character work, and connection with the WWE Universe. While Cody Rhodes can be credited with possessing all the tools for the same, he had an interesting choice of words regarding the business dominated by music sensation, Taylor Swift.

What did Cody Rhodes had to say regarding Taylor Swift and the music industry?

During an appearance on Good Morning Britain, The Prodigal Son spoke about the aspects of the aforementioned skills to become a top WWE superstar. In the same conversation, he stated that pop icon Taylor Swift was in a risky business, as it required a picture-perfect music performance to be delivered without messing up during live concerts and avoiding the risk of producing bad songs.

“I feel like throwing shade, cutting a promo, thats all part of what we do … In the case of Taylor Swift I feel like what a risky business it is, you got to do really right by her ….yeah you know … you got to do right by her just coz you don’t want to end up a song, you don’t want to end up a bad song.”

Rhodes showed a great deal of respect for Taylor Swift and the amount of work she puts in to make sure she produces a good song for the audience with her remarkable skill and talent that has made her a staggering $1.1 Billion sensation.

On the other hand, Cody Rhodes is coming off his first successful title defense against AJ Styles at WWE Backlash France. With the WWE King and Queen of the Ring event on the horizon, we will have to wait and see which WWE superstar would step up next and challenge the Undisputed WWE Champion for his title.

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