Cody Rhodes Explains His Love-Hate Relationship for the Attitude Era Citing Rivalry With the Rock

cody rhodes

Cody Rhodes has been riding a wave of momentum ever since he dethroned The Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns at The Show of Shows, WrestleMania 40 in the main event. Rhodes finished his story once the referee slapped his hand for the third time on the mat marking the end of one of the most historic WWE title runs in WWE history.

The American Nightmare was involved in a very heated feud with Roman Reigns for the last two years and the feud got even more intriguing once the Attitude Era veteran, now known as The Final Boss, The Rock also jumped ship and joined hands with The Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns.

How did Cody Rhodes explain his feelings for the Attitude Era?

The new Undisputed WWE Champion, Cody Rhodes was recently a guest on Peter Rosenberg’s Podcast “Rosenberg Wrestling” where the hosts and the guest discussed multiple things in depth which included Cody’s Tite win at WrestleMania 40, rivalry with The Rock, AEW, and much more.

Interestingly, Cody Rhodes spoke about a complex love-hate relationship with the iconic Attitude Era. Rhodes stated that he was honored to be standing across the biggest part of that era in The Rock and even though The Final Boss did not show appreciation towards him on the road to WrestleMania 40, he still believed that the industry was going to be spectacular with main event talent like himself, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins leading the way.

“I love and hate The Attitude Era with a passion love it and I hate it and the reason that I hated it and the reason I was so happy to be standing across from the biggest part of the Attitude Era one of the two biggest parts of it the reason I was so excited to be in there with him and for him to feel like oh they like this guy is because I want him to know again even though like there’s this dislike and this I want him to know hey your industry is going to be all right it really is it’s going to be all right this guy next to me Seth he’s taking it to new heights that guy next to you Roman he’s going to keep moving to New Heights and me whether you believe it or not I’m going to try and do the same and that’s why that makes me feel good that hasn’t dawned on me that the biggest movie star in the world showed up and somehow I got I I got the ball.”

The new undisputed WWE champion, Cody Rhodes, is definitely leading WWE’s new era, with WWE CCO Triple H in charge, to unprecedented heights. Though an intense rivalry and a one-on-one dream showdown with The Rock are still on the possibility cards, it is bound to be a clash of the eras between The Final Boss and The People’s Choice, Cody Rhodes.

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