3 Major Indicators The Rock vs Roman Reigns Is Inevitable at WrestleMania 40

the rock vs roman reigns wrestlemania 40

The Rock is perhaps the only WWE superstar in the history of the business who knows how to electrify the audience like no other. Not only that, his recent resurgence back to the global juggernaut was evident in the fact that The Great One is still one of the biggest draws for the company.

Furthermore, he also revealed a shocking fact during a recent interview that a match pitting The Rock vs Roman Reigns was apparently a lock for this year’s WrestleMania in So-Fi stadium in Los Angeles. But as we all know, that did not materialize into anything.

The Great One’s entire statement has reignited The Rock vs Roman Reigns subject once again. So let’s take a look at certain indications that could prove that this blockbuster match could finally happen for the WWE Universe.

The Rock vs Roman Reigns match teased by The Great One himself in a big way

the rock vs roman reigns WrestleMania 39

As previously stated, The Rock was all game for the idea to face his megastar cousin, the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns in a mega showdown at the Show of Shows. While things did not come to fruition due to certain reasons, The Rock made sure that the talks for the legendary clash were not going to fade to black.

He concluded that with the WWE UFC merger becoming official and a WrestleMania on the horizon in Philadelphia, there is still a possibility for The Rock vs Roman Reigns to take place. Furthermore, the clash between two of the legendary Samoan stars would surely prove to be the biggest main event in the history of the company.

The Rock’s schedule could be open for the Dream match

the rock hollywood

The Rock is the reigning superstar in the world of films with a staggering net worth of nearly $800 Million. However, with the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike stalling various Hollywood projects, the Brahma Bull has a relatively open schedule for new endeavors.

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This was evident from The Rock’s recent surprise appearance on SmackDown after nearly four years. Moreover, his busy Hollywood career was one of the reasons for his mega clash against Roman Reigns not taking place this year. With a major roadblock out of the way, the People’s Champion can finally give the people the dream match they have been longing for years now, with The Rock vs Roman Reigns taking place at next year’s WrestleMania.

The Timing for this blockbuster match is perfect for The Rock

the rock wrestlemania 40

Apart from his busy schedule freeing up, there is another major reason for the timing being perfect for The Rock vs Roman Reigns to go down in Philly in April 2024. As correctly said by Roman Reigns during a past interview, preparation for a main event wrestling match requires proper strengthening and conditioning when a star has been out of action for years.

Despite The Rock being a regular gym goer, that alone was not enough to prepare him for a WrestleMania caliber match against the current ruler of WWE, his cousin Roman Reigns. Moreover, The Rock’s last full-fledged wrestling match happened 10 years ago against his former arch-rival, John Cena at the Show of Shows itself.

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So the timing where The Rock has the opportunity to get fully prepped and ready for a WrestleMania match is absolutely right. He could use this time to dust off the ring rust, work on his conditioning and in-ring acumen, and be ready to clash with the Head of the Table by the time WWE invades the city of Brotherly Love next year.

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