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Writer: Nikunj Walia

The Rock will always be considered as one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time with his fame and fortune extending beyond the WWE borders to the bright lights of Hollywood, making a career shift in 2002, and reigning today as one of the highest-paid Hollywood actors with his blockbuster films like Fast and Furious, San Andreas, Jumanji to name a few.

A 10-time World Champion in the WWE, The Most Electrifying Man in All of Entertainment has accomplished almost every prestigious accolade during his nine-year stint in the company. However, even greatness can also fall short of certain figures and numbers, just like The Rock who despite being the face of the WWE during his generation has certain omissions in his illustrious WWE resume.

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Here are 4 WWE accolades that The Rock failed to accomplish in the WWE (at least for now, but maybe Wrestlemania 39 can change one of them):


  1. Mid-Card titles

The People’s Champion captured the prestigious WWE Intercontinental Championship on two occasions during his WWE career and is regarded as one of the most gifted Superstars to hold the workhorse title during his reigns with the title. However, The Rock never captured the other mid-card titles available during his WWE run i.e WWE European and Hardcore championships and even the WCW (now WWE) United States Championship introduced during the invasion storyline back in 2001, which saw The Rock leading Team WWE to victory against Team Alliance put them out of business.

2. King of the Ring Winner

The King of the Ring has been won by WWE Legends such as Bret Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Triple H, and stars of today’s generation such as Sheamus, Bad News Barrett, and Xavier Woods. The crown has been responsible for putting the career of various Superstars on the map. The Rock once managed to reach the finals of the prestigious tournament in 1998 only to lose to MMA Fighter Ken Shamrock, becoming one of the greatest WWE Superstar to have never claimed the crown and accolade of the King of the Ring.



3. Money in the Bank and Andre the Giant Battle Royal

Although entirely not the Brahma Bull’s fault for the omission, the Money in the Bank and Andre the Giant Battle Royal accolades have also eluded The Rock primarily due to their non-existence until the time he was a full-time performer in the WWE till 2003. The Money in the Bank match was introduced in 2005 and the battle royal to commemorate the late WWE Hall of Famer Andre The Giant at Wrestlemania XXX, the show opened by The Rock alongside Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan.

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4. WWE Universal Championship

The Great One has been a tremendous World Champion during his stay in the WWE, winning the WWE Championship 8 times and the WCW Championship 2 times reigning as a 10-time World Champion in the history of professional wrestling. However, a new world title was unveiled in the WWE named after its loyal fan base called the ‘ WWE Universal Championship.’ In only a span of six years since its existence, the Universal Title has become one of the most important championships being heavily featured on WWE programming and defended in the most prolific matches in the main events of big WWE pay-per-view shows like Wrestlemania and SummerSlam.


Another Title that was introduced during The Rock’s WWE absence and currently held as a part of the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship by his own cousin, The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns who has held the title for nearly two years establishing one of the most dominant reigns in WWE, this missing piece in The People’s Champion’s resume could be the driving force leading to one of the biggest mega showdowns next year with The Rock competing against Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship in the main of Wrestlemania 39 in The Brahma Bull’s hood of the bright lights opening the door of opportunity for Hollywood’s mainstream star to capture this world championship adding yet another important accolade to his impressive list of accomplishments.