Bray Wyatt’s Fans Missed Out on His WWE Reemergence

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The world was awakened to the sudden demise of Bray Wyatt on the morning of 24th August 2023. The Eater of Worlds has been considered one of the most beloved WWE superstars of all time. Furthermore, his creative genius and in-ring acumen made his presence and aura even more special each time.

However, a piece of recent news surrounding Wyatt could upset the fans even more. What could possibly be worse than Bray leaving the world for a heavenly abode?

What makes Bray Wyatt’s passing even more sad for the fans?

Bray Wyatt was a gifted athlete in the world of sports and entertainment, who went from a lackluster Husky Harris to one of the most captivating WWE superstars of this generation. He returned to WWE in 2022 at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view, beginning his second run in the company.

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Wyatt then aligned himself with the mysterious and dark force of Uncle Howdy and had only one match after his return against the Megastar LA Knight at WWE Royal Rumble 2023. The former WWE Universal Champion disappeared from live television programming shortly after and was reportedly dealing with a life-threatening disease.

According to reports, Wyatt was said to be recovering well, however, a sudden cardiac arrest led to the world losing a beautiful human being and a phenomenal WWE superstar. Moreover, during the recent edition of his Everybody’s Got A Pod podcast, former WWE star Ted DiBiase revealed that he was in attendance for Wyatt’s funeral and even noted that Bray was in line to begin a new WWE program in this very month.

Bray Wyatt
Windham Rotunda with his fiance, Jojo Offerman

“Windham was a great kid, he really was. They were just getting ready to go back, they were supposed to start again in September and start up something new. Now he’s gone.”

While the WWE Universe should have been witnessing Bray Wyatt coming out with his lantern to their ovation this month, they, unfortunately, have to look back at his memories and the impact he left on all of them.

Bray Wyatt’s legacy will continue to live on forever

Despite Bray Wyatt’s absence in the lives of his beloved family and fans, the legacy he built with his hard work, creativity, and perseverance would continue to live on forever. Many fans and WWE superstars paid their respects in their own ways to Wyatt on social media with a tribute show broadcasted by the global juggernaut themselves on the August 26, 2023 edition of SmackDown.

Furthermore, Jojo Offerman, Wyatt’s fiance and the mother of his two children penned down a beautiful message for him after staying silent for nearly a month. Jojo took over the role of taking care of their family inside the house after working as a WWE ring announcer.

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However, with Wyatt’s passing, Offerman might also have to assume the bread-winning responsibilities alongside her role as a mother. But Jojo’s family already has received support from other family members and even Dwayne Johnson in his own way. We send our prayers and respects to the Rotunda family as they continue to overcome this unforeseen tragedy.

Are you sad to know that Wyatt was supposed to be amongst us this month? Sound off in the comments!