WWE Night Of Champions Live Results: Asuka’s Mist Ends Bianca Belair’s Record-Breaking Title Reign

wwe night of champions live results

Bianca Belair and Asuka collided in a WrestleMania rematch in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with the RAW Women’s championship up for grabs. In the end, it was The Empress of Tomorrow who reigned supreme thanks to some underhanded tactics and left the Jeddah Superdome with the RAW Women’s championship.

wwe night of champions live results

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Asuka’s lethal strikes, incredible moveset, and continuous mind games helped her gain the upper hand on Bianca Belair for the major part of the match. But the record-breaking RAW Women’s champion was not going to go down without a fight. The EST of WWE kept coming back, but Asuka had the champ right where she wanted her and managed to dominate Belair at every chance. Moreover, Asuka’s laugh was giving her replenishment at every stage and struck fear among those who watched.

The second part of the bout saw some offense from Bianca Belair, however, Asuka also refused to back down and accept defeat. The final minutes saw a series of counters by both WWE superstars and Asuka even trying to spit the mist at Bianca’s face who managed to evade it.

As Bianca hosted Asuka up for the KOD, Asuka blinded Belair’s eyes with the mist through her hands, followed by a kick to the back to claim the victory and become the new RAW Women’s champion.

Asuka had Bianca Belair’s number during the build-up: WWE Night Of Champions Live Results

wwe night of champions live results

Bianca Belair had managed to put down Asuka last month at WrestleMania 39 in a high-stakes title match. While Belair was looking to have a new start on SmackDown following the WWE Draft, Asuka followed her and reminded the EST of WWE that they still had unfinished business.

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Moreover, the Empress of Tomorrow had the upper hand leading to the WWE Night of Champions event thanks to her mental tactics and the mist that put Bianca at a disadvantage heading into the match.

In the end, all proved to be a success for her as she outsmarted Bianca Belair and ended the longest WWE Women’s title reign in history, becoming the RAW Women’s champion in the process.

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