Top 5 Bianca Belair WWE Dream Matches

Bianca Belair

Bianca Belair has proven her ground as one of the top female WWE superstars of this generation. The EST of WWE is currently basking in her success as the longest-reigning RAW Women’s champion of all time. Moreover, Belair has managed to put down names like Becky Lynch, Bayley, IYO Sky, and Asuka during her historic title reign.

Bianca Belair

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However, there are still many top in-ring competitors that haven’t squared off against Belair in an attempt to knock her off her pedestal. Here are the Top 5 WWE Dream matches for Bianca Belair:

5 Bianca Belair Vs Zoey Stark

Bianca Belair

When Bianca Belair graduated from the ranks of NXT, a set of talented individuals took the torch from her to move forward. One of those top prospects is the ever-resilient and dominant athlete, Zoey Stark. She was seen as the force of pure strength and athleticism in the former Black and Gold brand.

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Stark’s successful stint in NXT led to being called up to Monday Night RAW as a part of the WWE Draft 2023. Although she finds herself on the opposite brand as Bianca, the EST still holds the top prize for women on RAW. So fresh competition for Belair could see her being paired up with Zoey Stark for a classic title bout at a WWE pay-per-view.

4 Bianca Belair Vs Alba Fyre

bianca belair alba fyre

The next addition from the NXT class of graduates, who, unlike Zoey Stark, is on the same side as Bianca Belair is the fiery and captivating Alba Fyre. She showcased her talent well back in NXT. Moreover, her partnership with Katana Chance led them to capture the NXT Women’s tag team titles.

The duo made an impressive mark in Shawn Michaels’s territory and were called up to the SmackDown roster in the 2023 WWE Draft. While Alba still has the tag title in her grasp, she could be presented as the newest challenger to the EST of WWE, leading to an exciting match between the top stars who were top prospects in NXT.

3 Bianca Belair Vs Trish Stratus

bianca belair and trish stratus

Bianca Belair has battled some of the most talented WWE superstars on the active roster. But the current RAW Women’s champion is yet to compete against a legendary superstar who paved the way for people like her in WWE. The EST could look no further than the RAW roster, as WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus became a permanent member of the red side in the WWE Draft this year.

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The scenario could not have been perfect at this time. While Bianca is the pure babyface champion, Stratus embraced her old roots, debuting her heel side once again right after WrestleMania 39. With that said the WWE Universe could be in store to witness a highly anticipated Women’s title match between the Diva of the Decade and the EST of WWE in the near future.

2 Bianca Belair Vs Ronda Rousey

bianca belair ronda rousey

Bianca Belair has squared off against some of the toughest competitors inside the WWE squared circle. But she is yet to step in the ring with the actual ‘toughest’ and as they call her, The Baddesr Woman on the Planet, Ronda Rousey. The Rowdy One is known for her in-ring dominance and amazing athleticism that has fetched her multiple accolades in the world of combat sports.

Both WWE superstars have been in the company together for the past year, after Ronda came back to the company, following her three-year-long hiatus. WWE should take the opportunity to book this blockbuster cross-brand match between the two powerhouses for a major pay-per-view show.

1 Bianca Belair Vs Rhea Ripley

Bianca Belair Rhea Ripley

The absolute dream match for Bianca Belair has to be against her counterpart since their time in NXT, Rhea Ripley. The duo had been a different breed of top prospects back in WWE developmental territory, with both of them rising up to become top WWE superstars on the main roster.

Ripley and Belair are the current Women’s title holders of their respective brands. Moreover, Mami even teased a showdown between herself and the RAW Women’s champion, one night after she captured the SmackDown Women’s championship at WrestleMania 39. Both could remain champions until Survivor Series, where the WWE Universe could finally witness a champion vs champion dream match between Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley that would surely blow the roof off the place.

Which dream match is your pick for Bianca Belair? Do you have someone else in mind for a match with her? Sound off in the comments!